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My dad is the hardest
working, greatest father that anyone could have. I couldn't be more proud of who he is. When my mom passed away 16 years ago, he  always made sure that his family was well supported and taken care of. Through triumph and tragedy, he's always been the "go to" person, and always has encouraging words and sound advice to give. 

In the last few months, my dad has been noticeably slowing down, and contemplating retirement after 35 years. After a bit of discussion, he decided it was best to retire and July was going to be his last month of work. He had already worked beyond what he needed to anyhow.  My sisters and I had started becoming concerned about his state of mind and well being after he started becoming increasingly tired and forgetful. We made sure to take him to the doctor and made sure that he was eating healthier, because at times he wouldn't eat while at work. I'd ask him on a daily basis what he ate and drank for that day, just to make sure he's getting proper nutrition and hoping to combat and eliminate his being increasingly tired and/or being forgetful. 

After no success with that and a doctors visit, we were told that he may have slight Parkinson's, so we immediately booked an appointment for the neurologist. A few days before the neurologist appointment, my dad was having an exceptionally bad day. He was sleeping almost all day, and my sisters concern grew to the point where they felt  it was best to take him to the ER. Something was really off. 

My dad and sisters went to the ER on Friday the 28th of July. I was out of town, and couldn't get there, otherwise I would've been there beside them. The ER ran a series of tests to find that my dad had a brain tumor slightly larger then a tennis ball. We were all in shock, and very emotional at this point. There was no time to waste, the hospital needed to act fast and determine what was to happen next. They were thankfully able to rule out any cancer, and by Sunday the 30th they were going to operate and remove the tumor. After 4 hours, the surgery was a success, and they were able to remove the entire tumor without disrupting any of his brain. The tumor hadn't adhered to anything thankfully.  They did however find a slight possible stroke in his midbrain, which may not cause any lifelong detrimental effects. The tumor is called a meningioma, and was benign and had likely been there for years. 

Nonetheless, my dad was in the ICU for a week, and opened his eyes for the first time, this past Wednesday. My sisters, myself and all our loved ones and friends were so  overjoyed and emotional! His breathing tube was removed two days post op, and he was moved out of the ICU yesterday the 4th. They say that he could be out of the hospital in 7-10 days roughly, after physical therapy etc. 

My dad will be weak and have to go through physical therapy to regain strength in his right side. His bedroom at home, is a long flight of stairs, and my sisters and I have decided that it's best to convert his dining room into his bedroom for now. This way he doesn't have to go up and down the stairs from kitchen to bedroom making it much less difficult on his transition back home. He'll have the kitchen and another bathroom on the same floor he sleeps on, rather then having to go up and down each day. We want to completely renovate the dining area by putting in new flooring, painting, getting him a brand new bed that's easy for him to get in and out of. Put some privacy doors up between his living and kitchen because the dining room is in the middle of the two. 

This was such a sudden and unexpected thing and we want it to be as comfortable as possible for my dad when he comes home. It'll make his healing and recovery a much easier. 

We appreciate anything you can give to help make his coming home easier. Thank you!
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