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Diesel the Swan

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Diesel the Mute Swan was collected by our volunteers today after being spotted on a busy highspeed road in Grimsby.
Once the swan was safely removed from the road by our volunteer one thing became clear… HE STUNK of fuel and was covered across his body… He was so contaminated; he marked the floor wherever he sat!
We rushed him back to the rescue to do an immediate chemical contamination clean to remove as much as possible while arranging treatment at our vets.
Initial signs potentially show that Diesel had also ingested the chemical so further treatment has started as a precaution.
With the vet bill estimated at nearly £400 already, the need to replace certain pieces of equipment (such as a swan bag that has been damaged from the fuel) along with the rehabilitation costs, we expect that this swan will cost the rescue over £600!
It’s very fortunate for this swan that it wasn’t hit by a car and that no one had been smoking nearby.
If you can, your support would be hugely appreciated!
Thank you!


Aaron Goss

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