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Sustainability Acres Platform - Start Up Appeal

Tax deductible
Welcome to Our Foundacres Appeal.

We are Building a New Platform that will Help Each of Us to Reset the Effects of our Lifestyles and Consumption in a Fair and Equitable Way by Directing Micro Support to Protecting Natural Zero Harmed Areas that are at Risk of being Lost to Toxins and Denudation -

  • Rebalancing our Lives, Directly Connecting your Support for;
  • Land & Watershed Areas you Select, that;
  • Nurture the Conditions for net Positive Carbon Capturing & Biodiversity Replenishing alongside ensuring Toxin-Free Civic Spaces, with;
  • Direct Support for the Vulnerable Communities and Local Volunteer Groups that Deliver Protection of Zero Harmed Land.

We need your Help as we are unaided. More than ever this Platform can help us to deliver a Safe Future for All without Profiteering. It offers us the opportunity to deliver direct Support to those Locally and Global Vulnerable that are almost wholly ignored for the value they deliver. Without the Support the Zero Harmed Areas they Protect could be lost.

100% Commitment -
  • Growing a Non-Profit, Transparent and Direct Approach, that ensures;
  • 100% Zero Harmed Areas - 100% Free from Manmade Toxins;
  • 100% Authentication in Arms Reach - you can walk and visit the Sustainability Acres;
  • 100% Clear Sight in Full View - no Audited Permitted/Arranged Obfuscation.
  • No Inset or Offset Sales, no Balance Sheet Capitalization of Future Sustainability Acres.
  • Sustainability Acres will never Pay Consultants, Resellers or Profiteers in Office Suites to collect Fees and Commissions from the Vulnerable Communities doing more than any others to Provide Future Sustainability (or the existing Approach ...).

Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope you will join us.

We are a Brand New Fully Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit with a Clear Mission.

To Deliver Future Sustainability for All by coupling Our Own Steps for Rebalancing the Impact of our Lifestyle and Consumption with Direct Support for the Unrewarded Vulnerable providing their Direct Protection over Carbon Capturing and Biodiversity Replenishment from within the Zero Harmed Land they Nurture.

That's it. Because that is what is needed.

The Giant Support Hole
Our best intentions to Rebalance our Lifestyles are likely lost inside an Architecture that results in more and more of the revenue from our contributions circulating inside Commodity Traders, Consultants and Corporate Office Suites than in reaching the Vulnerable that actually Protect the Land that delivers the key elements for a Safe Future Life for All. Third-Party Pay-Gates have taken priority.

The Giant Participation Hole
Alongside, more often than not there is no direct way to connect with the Vulnerable Land Areas and Small Communities that are delivering more for Future Sustainability both Locally and Far Away.

Ignored & Locked Out
The reality is that Small Vulnerable Communities have not been invited by large stakeholders to participate and receive Support. Their Work and their Protection of Invaluable Zero Harmed land is almost wholly locked out of participation inside the Sustainability Architecture.

Their Collective Future Sustainability Value is taken for granted while the big stakeholders can take advantage of grants and balance sheet adjustments made available to them to Recategorize and Recognize their Value.

Change & Clarity
The Sustainability Acres Project is an initiative to change this and allow each of us to Connect Directly with the Vulnerable and Rebalance our Lifestyles so doing.

No Profiteering. Ever. Rebalancing our Lives leading to Direct Support for Future Sustainability Protection. Every time.

Success & Growth
We are at the Start of our Mission. The Response from the Vulnerable is clear. They want to Participate and are happy to Open their Zero Harmed Land to All of Us. Putting Sustainability and Rebalancing in Our Arms Reach.

We are so pleased to bring Our first Sustainability Acres for Support to Protect Directly to you.

Beta Success
We have built our Beta. It is working. Supporting the Protection of Vulnerable Land and Communities is Possible.

Limitations & Our Ask
Until now, this is a project built from commitment and our own small resources. We are proud of our breakthroughs BUT we know it is never enough. It shows us the scale and challenges moving forward.

We are Unaided and Need Your Help to Grow, Find and Support the Unrewarded Vulnerable around the World.

Resources to Grow

Success will rest on bringing our Project into Arms Reach for Individuals. To do so we need to build our Reach to Vulnerable on the one hand while augmenting it with campaigns to bring the Project to a wider Audience under Social, Marketing and Partnership plans.

We are ready. We now must make this Appeal to bring it to wider life and success. We cannot grow into the real potential of the project without your help.

Placed inside the Critical Time we have remaining to ensure a Safe Future Life for All - we know we need to Build - Fast, Wide & Deep.

Foundacres Value

Your Help will Put Direct Carbon Capturing & Biodiversity Replenishment into Our Hands. Allowing us to Find & Reward the Vulnerable as we Rebalance of our Consumption & Lifestyles.

It is the Supercharge we need to Change the Nature of Individual Awareness and Vulnerable Reward under Future Sustainability.

Give to Receive

Giving All of Us the Option to Solve a Safe Future for All in a Direct Personal Respect. Take a look below for our Foundacres pack.

We are at the beginning of this Resetting and Revaluing the Contribution and Resources that do more than any others for Future Sustainability.

Our Mission and Goal is to Find and Support Sustainability Acres in every community and country, growing our Global Land Collection of Zero Harmed Areas. Giving All of Us the Opportunity to Rebalance with Direct Support for Projects we chose Locally and Far Away.

We are Unaided and Need Your Help to Grow, Find and Support the Unrewarded Vulnerable around the World. Your Support today will help us to continue our work for the Vulnerable and enable you to Rebalance your Lifestyle.

A Deep Dive with More Information is found HERE.

We are a Registered Non-Profit Charity.
Our USA Federal Tax ID: 92-1808337.
Donations are Fully Tax-Deductible & a Receipt is Issued.

100% of your Support from this Collection is made available to The Sustainability Acres Project and the Øeero (zero) Foundation.

Foundacres Appeal Summary - Support Membership to Underwrite Programs.

Every Contribution will Receive:

  • Personalized Foundacre Numbered Digital Certificate. Use an Eco-Print at Home or Work. Perfect to Display on a Screensaver.
  • Membership of the Øeero (zero) Foundation.
  • Member only Social Posts to Share.
  • Updates about our Sustainability Acre Participants and their Unique Stories.
  • First Viewing of our Limited Range Merch from our Safe Future Life Merch and Marketplace.
  • First Viewing of New Sustainability Acres.

Personalized Thank You Social Post - ideal for showing your Support on Instagram, Facebook and X.

Every Contribution above $25+ will Receive:

  • The Øeero (zero) Band to Wear & Amplify your Support.
  • + Above.

Every Contribution above $100+ will Receive:

  • Personalized 100 Level Foundacre Numbered Digital Certificate. Use an Eco-Print at Home or Work. Perfect to Display on a Screensaver.

  • Personalized 100 Level Thank You Social Post - ideal for showing your Support on Instagram, Facebook and X.

  • Named Place on our website under Foundacres 100 Roll Call of Honor (limited to the First 100 Support Members, an opt out on Publication is available if preferred).

  • First VIP Invitation to view and subscribe to our web3.0 Sustainability Acres DAO Product (release in March 2024). This will be limited to those that have Supported us in this Appeal.

  • Opportunity to visit and support our upcoming NFT & Stkyr (Sticker) Collection (release in early 2024) inside a VIP Foundacre Pre-Market Viewing. This will be limited to those that have Supported us in this Appeal.
  • + Above.

We are Open at all times for Enquires & Suggestions to Improve.

Thank You.

Why this Matters?
Collectively, Zero Harmed Land & Watershed Ares Protected by the Vulnerable are the Most Important Resources for a Safe Future on our Planet. They deliver more Carbon Capturing and Biodiversity Replenishment from Land and Watershed Areas than any other resources. Yet, they are overlooked.

Why have they been ignored?
A focus on future profiteering versus future protection led to Sustainability Value being packaged as Downstream Outputs for Third Party benefit.

We aim to Put in place a Support Framework for the Protecting of the Sustainability Acre Superchargers doing most of the work.

We aim to Repoint, Reposition & Protect Future Sustainability and Unlock the Value provided by the Unrewarded Vulnerable around the World.

What makes us Different?
We have a nonprofit focus on Protecting and Harnessing Sustainability Value from Upstream Resources themselves not commissions for resellers from Commodity sales.

What we are Doing?
Building a Platform to Deliver Direct Support for the Protection of Land Resources and the Communities that Protect, Nurture and Deliver Carbon Sequestration/Capturing and Biodiversity Replenishment for the Future and put it into the hands of People and Organizations everywhere.

Building our Platform to Deliver Direct Support, an Awareness Campaign and Seamless Direct Delivery for Sustainability Acres around the World.

Harnessing both the most important Natural Resources and our collective Human Support in a Direct Mechanism. With no Third Parties. No ancillary Profit Centers.

How Can You Help?
We need the assistance of this Community to deliver this Vital Program of Support and Awareness Campaign.

Your Support can make a difference to play a part and Rebalance towards Safe Future Life for All.

Please Share this Appeal with your friends and if possible please Support us Directly here.

Our Mission is to Put the Protection of Zero Harmed Land, Delivering Carbon Capturing & Biodiversity Replenishment into Hand's of Individuals and Organizations everywhere.

#1 Ranked Land Resource for Carbon Capture and Ecosystem Replenishment.

Sustainability Acres are the Number One Ranked Land Carbon Sinks and Ecosystem Replenishment Hosts.

They are Scattered across the Earth inside Protected Spaces, Local Land, Parks, Playareas and Conservancy spaces. Everywhere. Local and Far Away.

Unhindered Nature Delivering more for Future Sustainability than any other Resource or Architecture. Zero-Harmed (from man-made substances) Areas are the most powerful resource for All to deliver a Safe Future Life on Earth.

They are the Sine Qua Non (without them nothing) for Future Sustainability.

This is indisputable.

Harnessing Upstream Resources vs. Selling Downstream Outputs

A Safe Future Life for All is in Our Hands.
Quite simply, if we do not Protect Zero Harmed Acres, allowing the Land to Replenish Biodiversity & Capture Carbon; there will be No Safe Future Sustainable Life for All on the Planet.

The U.N. Biodiversity Conference (COP15) established the Key Target for 2030 of realizing 30% Protection & Renewing of all Global Land as a Critical Goal to do so. We are putting the Actioning of this Goal into Our Hands. We believe in the Power of Human Energy to deliver a Safe Future Life for All.

Authenticated Land. Direct Support. In Your Hands. Delivering A Safe Future Life for All. Everyday.

Join Us. Thank you.


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