Mr. A “Defining Your Own Beauty"

The mission of the Defining Your Own Beauty Foundation is to promote, encourage and instill confidence and self-worth in women everywhere.
The personal connection Davion Anderson has with each of his clients has taken his career and transformed it into a love and tremendous passion. Through the years he has listened to countless unfortunate, and sometimes heartbreaking stories of the struggle with permanent and temporary hair loss. After hearing many of these stories, he realized that hair loss is a daily struggle for many women of all races and ages everyday as a result of cancer, stress, medication, pregnancy and many other factors.
This harsh realization sparked the fire of an amazing and uplifting organization that can and will change the lives of many women.
Defining your own beauty wants nothing more than to give back to the community by providing hair services to those whose confidence has dimmed due to hair loss and may not be able to afford regular hair maintenance.
We would like to acknowledge that each and every woman, regardless of race, age, weight and orientation is beautiful. We see it, and have now made it our responsibility to help you feel it and become the strong and confident women we know you truly are.
YOU define your own beauty.


Mister A
Houston, TX

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