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This gofund me page has been created in hopes of being able to lighten the financial expenses we are currently facing. We just suddenly and unexpectantly lost the matriarch of our family. Grandma Lynn passed away on April 16 2014. We are not at all prepared to deal with anything this great in nature emotionally, mentally, physically, or financially. Her passing was sudden and unexpected. We will be updating this page as we know more but right now we are still seeking answers and trying to locate important documents without which we can't seem to move forward. We are still trying to locate a will and it still isn't clear if she had any arrangements made to help with cremation, and service costs. After assessing our current financial needs both expected and unexpected we have been forced to face the reality that we have enough funds to take care of only a very small portion of what we are facing. We have had many people reach out to us and ask in what ways they can be of help. While there are other ways that we will need support from our family, friends and loved ones for those that are not in the position to help financially right now that is the biggest stressor. Besides cremation and service fees which in itself is a very large expense we have also just been made aware that the property taxes of the home we live in is not only due but is delinquent. The costs for cremation and services, obituary fees, document fees, monthly bills, burial arrangement costs, not including property taxes we estimate will be roughly $8,000.00. Property taxes are an estimated $8,000.00 and are due by the end of this month and then $5,000.00 again in October. We decided to intend on raising $20,000.00 as this seems a reasonable amount to take care of the listed expenses. Again, we will be updating this page as soon as we get any new information. Thank You in advance for your support, prayers, love and kind thoughts. We will get through this but not without a strong support system. Please feel free to contact us as we can use all the love out there. 


Jason J David
Seattle, WA

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