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My Son's Battle with Crohns Disease

My son's fight with Crohns. Please take a minute to read this as I am very proud of my son Daniel.

My son Daniel has been living with Crohns, this terrible disease for most of his life. It started around the age of 9/10 but unfortunately wasn't diagnosed until he was 16/17 years of age.


Daniel fights against the disease every day of his life and tries to lead as normal a life as possible, but in reality he is dying inside and is almost constantly in some form of pain!


He is the strongest person I know and refuses to give up. Daniel always puts on a brave face, smiles and says "I'm ok". Hi world is his two girls, Hannah, his wife and little Miss Isla Rose, his daughter. They mean the world to him and he will do anything for them!


After years of treatments, infections, drugs, iron infusions, flare ups and countless hospital visits, Daniel collapsed at work three years ago. His bowel had collapsed and this necessitated immediate emergency surgery. After a nine hour operation, Daniel woke up in intensive care and spent a total of ten months in hospital. Consequently, he was unable to work for twelve months!


This is why I would like your help, as during this length of time, which was a difficult period of time for the whole family, he wasn't entitled to any benefits whatsoever.


Daniel has worked since leaving school and successfully runs his own business and done for over thirteen years. Whilst he was ill, an application was made for PIP (Personal Independent Payment) but he was unsuccessful in his application! In fact, every bit of advice or support we asked for fell on deaf ears!


Just prior to Daniel collapsing, he had released some equity from his home to do some home improvements. Consequently, the only way that my son and his family got through that year was by spending that money to survive and ensure that they did not fall behind with their mortgage repayments.


Unfortunately three years on, Daniel has to return to theatre for more surgery. At this point in time, they have informed him that it will result in another stoma bag! This is due to Daniel having already lost a lot of his bowel in the previous surgery. Furthermore his consultant doesn't think he will be able to nutritionally sustain his body needs, so he will need to be connected to a machine every night to feed himself.


Daniel feels devastated and is really worried about his girls and their beautiful home. He has tried to get insurance/sick pay cover but nobody out there will cover him due to his Crohns. Consequently, he feels totally trapped.


His extended family and wonderful friends are all getting involved and several charity events are being organised. So look out for them on this page.


The whole point of all of this is that my son needs help, because the system he had paid into all his life has massively let him and his family down at a time when he most needs it!


Anyone who knows my son will tell you that he is a selfless person who will drop anything at a hat, to help others in need. With all your help, I want to make the months ahead easier for Daniel. All his savings have been spent over the years keeping the family going whilst he has been ill or in hospital. Consequently, he has no funds to fall back on.


To reiterate, the system has massively failed my son! I don't want everything he has worked so hard for in his life be lost or taken away from him. It's so unfair!
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