NYPD Officer with Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Christine Meurer and I am reaching out for some help regarding my fathers illness. He has multiple sclerosis that progressed so much to the point where he cannot walk anymore and no longer can use his hands. He has no mobility or function to do anything on his own. He is a retired New York City police officer who got hurt on the job in a very bad accident that caused him to almost loose his leg completely. About a year after that he developed multiple sclerosis that just keeps progressing and taking his life away inch by inch. As the years went on my dad slowly started to lose mobility and he also started to lose his voice. Like I said he has no physical capability of doing anything on his own. Plus him being a retired New York City police officer I would’ve assumed they would’ve helped us out in someway with his medical expenses, but not even the insurance will give us enough money for his supplies. The Insurance only approved him for four hours a day aid service and that’s not nearly enough help for what his needs are as well as the families need to provide. With that being said I started working a second job as well as being a student to give him what I could. My mother developed epilepsy out of nowhere and at some point it was just me providing for the family for about a year because she had to focus on getting healthy again as well as caring for my dad. It’s so hard to take him out to go to the doctor or even try to have him enjoy a part of life outside the house and outside the hospital bed because we do not have a proper way to transport him and if we were to get transportation, it cost us a hundred dollars each way. Right now he has two pressure sores on his backside that are down to the bone due to him not being able to walk and not being able to provide the right type of bed for him. Please help him.
William J. Meurer, born January 25, 1963 in Staten Island. He was appointed to the New York City Police Department on February 3, 1984 working in the 73rd and 111 pcts. He was injured on the job, and rewarded ¾ pension.
Bill has had Multiple Sclerosis for 20 years now, he was an infusion called Tysabri to help stop the progression of the MS. Instead it nearly killed him.....He has also had a Baclophen pump installed in his spine to help stop the muscle spasms. Five years ago he stopped walking and using his hands due to his injuries on the job and the MS taking over his body. At this point he is bedridden and needs full assistance which since my mom is a teacher and I am in school and work as well.
The situation is Bill could receive Stem Cell Treatments, but his insurance will not cover this. This is the last hope we have for him. He could receive three treatments at the cost of $6,000 a piece.
The family’s financial state is also depleted due to all the medical problems, at this time they are just trying to keep a roof over their heads.
Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.
Christine Meurer
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Christine Marie Meurer 
Massapequa, NY