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****************The goal was originally at 1,500 but complications have forced us to have to bump up our goal more. Here's whats going on-
After visiting Angel on day 3 of her hospital stay we had a talk with the Vet. He explained that he is concerned with the fact that after solid care Angel still isn't able to walk around on her own. She can lift her head and conciously look around, but she still has yet to remain stable enough to hold her own weight. The vet had put Angel on an antibiotic today just in case she has any problems with infectious anemia and wants to do more bloodwork to double check on her kidney function. Our bill had reached 1,300 dollars as of this morning and the vet has recommended that Angel get a feeding tube so that she can come home with the family and we can treat her with food/water/medicine ourselves to save money. When the family picks Angel up tonight we have to pay over 1,700 dollars. The gaol was raised to $2,200 to cover any expenses while She stay at our house, and the end of the week checkup to see if the treatment is working.  Pictures of Angel this morning are at the bottom of the description with a picture of the bill for the feeding tube/kidney checkup/ and antibiotics.*************************************

This cat, who we have decided to name Angel, was found in the middle of the road yesterday night (8/19/14), unable to stand. Initially everyone thought she was hit by a car but after getting a closer look at her, she was simply dying of starvation. She couldn't stand on her own or open her eyes. When we brought her in our house to feed/water her whatever we tried to give her would simply fall out of her mouth. After a few minutes of trying, we got her to start licking chicken juice off our finger and drink a little bit of water. After seeing she was still willing to eat, we decided to stop feeding her (since she could get sick) and take her to a hospital. 

She has been abandoned and starved but after taking her to an emergency clinic, we find out that other than the fact she is severely underweight and dehydrated, her organs are ok and she has no diseases.
My family believes that a neighboor that was foreclosed on a few months ago threw out their house cat and simply left her on her own. Being a house cat all her life most likely made it extremely difficult to find food and avoid the enourmous amount of coyotes living in a nearby park.
We gave her to the vet to keep under surveillance last night and get some liquids in her.

My family and I have high hopes for this cat considering she is very eager to eat and purrs when held/pet. But sadly the vet gave us an idea of the price after all the procedure and its extremely difficult for us to pay, especially since this cat isn't even ours.
My family is expecting a bill of around $2,000 (We had been originally told around 1,000 dollars but complications have bumped up the price)
Its currently at 1,200. If the bill stays at 1,200 and we still reach our goal of 15, we will use the money to keep the cat in good condition until we can find her a new owner. Or we will use the remaining money to donate to other pet donation sites to help other animals with similar stories. ((((Update- see bottom of description for update)))
Even if its just a dollar, anything can help us keep this cat going . 

Also, for anyone that donates and would consider adopting Angel, we will be looking for a new home for her. If you're interested in giving her a permanent home please feel free to contact me.
As you can see, her hip bones are prominent and she cannot hold her own weight. This photo was taken the night we found her.
After spending a solid 12 hours are the hospital, we went to check up on her and she is doing slightly better, she can lift her head and look around. She is also starting to try to stand up and hold herself 

With her IV in this morning she could hold her head up and look around.
We have yet again visited the cat to check up. She was offered a high calorie mush food and willingly ate it herself, after having quite a few helpings she has stopped eating. She is full and her stomach needs time to digest the sudden food. We found out she has been declawed and chipped, but nobody had the chip registered. She just had a blank chip in her. Here are some more pictures we took of her 

Here are photos of Angel on the morning of day 3. Along with her new bills for taking her home.

We have now taken Angel home with us after having a little class on how to give the antibiotics, feeding tube, and IV.

Here's a couple pictures of the bill we had to pay when we took her home. Since coming home she has tried multiple times to get up and walk around, she's able to stand for a few steps which is huge progress!! I cant imagine this cat being alive if it weren't for all you people. I know my family wouldnt have been able to support her this far alone. Im really appreciative of everyone and will actually try to make thankyou cards for everyone who has donated and upload pictures of Angel with the cards

This morning the family woke up to a big surprise! Angel is now walking! In the hospital it was a pretty big concern that Angel wasn't walking yet but after a night at our house she started trying to walk under our couch. She walks over to us when we sit down by her and loves to explorethe room we have her in.
 She is also willingly eating, another problem at the hospital was after the first day there, Angel stopped eating on her own, which is why we had the feeding tube put in. Last night, before putting food in her feeding tube, we offered her food in a little plate and she ate it all! She's recovering extremely fast any my family believes it's nothing but good news from now on! Ill try and get pictures of her walking around and eating for everyone! ((edit: and here they are!!)))

Since last update there has been no major change, which is great! She continues to walk around her room and eat as much as she wants, this past meal we made she didn't eat as much as she usually does but that's alright since we're slowly increasing her portion sizes. We also opened the door to her room and let her roam around out house, she's really interested in all our different rooms and never fell down! I know this might be TMI but since she's arrived at our house shes urinated 4 or 5 times ((2 times ON my mom, hahaha)) but has yet to go number 2. We've seen her squat and try earlier today but nothing came out. It worries me so I'll ask the vet later tomorrow if I'm worrying over nothing or if she should be giving her something to help. Ill keep you posted :D
She had a tiny little poo this morning .u . yaaay
Last night instead of giving her the antibiotics before feeding, my mom accidentally did it after, so we found what we think is puke. We sent her in for a checkup and found out that she's still pretty anemic, so we'll wait another week or two on her antibiotic to see if the anemia goes away. If not we'll need to do some tests to see what medicine we should be giving her that could get results. Sorry for updating less than once a day recently everyone. There has been such little change with angel at this point I find it hard to have to sit myself down and talk about her. I think she's doing fantastic and my family is really proud of her. 
I hope the video speaks for itself .U .

It's gotten to the point where the family just wants the feeding tube out, she's having no problem eating on her own and she really hates when we have to clean it out with a bunch of water, so pretty soon we'll have the tube taken out!! woohooo
She continues to eat more and more every day and has no problems going to the bathroom now. She really is just a normal cat now, she loves curling up with someone and getting pet.

The updates are becoming fartherand farther spaced apart because she really doesn't have much going on, which is good.
She has gotten her feeding tube taken out and has gained about 3 or 4 punds. She eats a ton and likes to bite when she's hungry.
She really has just become a normal cat now, she jumps up on my bed and sleeps with me at night. She likes to stretch out a lot and hates to be picked up.
***************Mot likely the final update************

After a few months Angel is an average cat, she is a normal weight!
I have spent the past 3 months in Japan so my family has been taking care of her, which is why i havent been updating on her.
When I returned from Japan I talked with my mother and apparently the family decided on keeping her while I was away. My mother says that since we took her when she was in need that we shouldnt be the ones throwing her away to somebody else and that she had had enough f being tossed to somebody else.
I really ant even begin to explain how thankful I am for everybody who was generous enough to help us save this cat. I promise that we will love her and make sure she never has to feel unloved again.

now she's just fat. Hahahahaha!

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