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Thor Needs Your Help!

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My name is Kaity Steiger and I am an adoption coordinator/foster/volunteer for the non-profit All Dog Breed Rescue the Three Little Pitties. We are based out of Rosharon, Texas which is just outside Houston. I am a full time Kindergarten teacher by day, dog rescuer by evening and weekend. We are a brand new rescue waiting on our 501c3 (should be any day now). We wanted to help Thor, but financially we don't have an extra $1,000 to pay for his vetting at this time.

All dog volunteers/recues know heartworm positive and being a bully is a death sentence for a dog in this town. As well as the amount of money you need for heartworm treatment. We started the Three Little Pitties to especially help these pups out. 

First, I tried finding another established rescue or even a foster that could help Thor. No one stepped forward to help. I could not sit there and let him go to a shelter to be euthanized so I begged my fiance to let us foster him. (We have two rescue dogs already). He took one look and fell in love with Thor just as I did. I (Kaity) am now his foster and adoption coordinator. 

Thors donations will cover:
-His first vetting appointment to stop the mites from making him scratch himself so hard, drawing blood. 

-His blood work and x-ray on his chest to see how bad his heartworms are. (He was coughing up blood.) Thus created quite the panic for us! (Doc said his heartworms are not that bad, the blood was due to cough irritation.) We had to do this before getting him neutered.

-Getting him neutered 

-March 7th Thor will get his Heartworm injections. They are two shots back to back where he is closely monitored at the vet for 48 hours. (Easily costs $1200 at your vet.)

-Then all his food. Thor is still very underweight weighing 49lbs when we first got him and he is now up to 55lbs with being on good dog food both wet and dry. 

-His vaccinations for distemper, K9 Influenza, and bordabella. Also his heartworm prevention that he takes each month. 

-All the extra spoiling I am covering persoanlly. New collar, blankets, dog bed, crate, toys, treats, leash, and most importantly Love. 

I know first hand wanting to know where your money goes. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me on my personal email [email editado]. I have vet receipts as well to show! I am keeping everyone updated on the gofund me as well as my own personal facebook page and the Three Little Pitties page. 

If we have any left over funds raised above and beyond goal, it will be used to save many more lives in Houston, a city where 1.9 MILLION dogs are in need. We are doing everything we can to help the homeless and last chance dogs in our full shelters. One look in this boys eyes and we had to help him....... Meet Thor.

Thor was found by a sweet dog rescuer when roaming the streets of Houston in a bad part of town. By bad part of town, I mean where most dogs found in this area are dead on the side of the road. This amazing lady was trying to get him on a leash when he jumped right in her car! Being a bully mix as well as black gives this boy a death sentence in this state. Thor had to have known this was his chance at having a better life!

Thor has some skin issues, needs neutered, vaccinated, and heartworm treatment. We are a brand new rescue so we don’t have any rainy day funds, yet. We have to help this boy, so we need your help! Please help us get Thor fully vetted and into the home he deserves, any bit helps! We promise to share his whole story!

Oh and Thor is also a little bit famous! He was featured on the Dodo!

Go like us on Facebook: Three Little Pitties Rescue

(We ADOPT out of state, for the right family of course!)

Instagram: Three Little Pitties Rescue



Kaity Marie
Pearland, TX

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