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I am so sad to inform you all that our dear friend and sweet sister angel is no longer with us. I will miss her sweet and loving presence in my life. May you Rest In Peace Cynthea. By her choosing She transitioned sometime during the night Cynthea was a warrior soul and she fought hard to overcome the trauma and depression that events in her life had visited upon her, in the end it was too much for her to bare.  link to Live stream of her Memorial 03/31/2019 

For those of you who don’t  know what happened to her, she was coming home from a benefit for children and a criminally insane man jumped in her car and tried to rape her,  wasn’t successful and then beat her until she was near death. Her skull was crushed, and her entire face shattered, and it has been a long journey of many surgeries to reconstruct her mouth and face….she couldn’t eat for a period of two years and to this day still has double vision. 

 She has just had her 16th surgery on some of the hardware in her face  and eye in July . This surgery was not entirely successful, and it looks like she will need another one when this one is healed, as though her general look improved, her double vision worsened, and the prismatic glasses which before were allowing her to see one picture, now do not work very well even with the updated prescription.  She needs financial assistance not only to get through the next surgery and the recovery process, and at this stage of her recovery more treatment and deep work to heal her severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) which she has suffered  from on a daily basis since the attack. She is working hard on overcoming this, and with the support from the campaign so far, has made great strides in her recovery, and though she has quite a ways to go it is tremendously encouraging how far she has come in a few short months since posting this campaign! Your help has been instrumental in her ability to continue with the work...she so wishes to return to being able to share her gifts with others and has learned much through all the phases of treatment both physically , emotionally and spiritually that she looks forward to sharing when she is better! As many of you know PTSD is a very serious disorder, and Cynthea has suffered from a pretty severe case of it. She continues to have nerve attacks and panic disorder daily, though it has improved quite a bit. She has sought much help and has participated in many healing processes for this, and though has improvement still needs more time and treatment to heal with less financial stress to deal with.

Before the attack Cynthea was a successful body mind therapist and coach, and helped many people with all kinds of challenges.  She has a lot of tools in her toolkit that she has used in her healing process, and has added quite a few since going through this trauma.  She has had 50 brain treatments, EFT training for emotional problems, somatic therapy, bodywork, physical therapy, regular therapy, plant medicine work, art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, as well as other modalities. She has very little support in the process, and it would be so wonderful to give her some financial relief to get back on her feet with some job training and time to reinvent her career which is a formidable challenge.   It is her commitment to healing, and the hard work and determination that she exhibits that inspires me to want to help her .  Cynthea is one of the most caring people I know, and despite the trauma she has been through she remains optimistic and is able to be there for the people close to her with encouraging words and valuable insights.  Her compassionate heart has been strengthened by this experience, and I believe it will be a valuable asset to all she may be able to help when she has more completely healed.


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