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$520 of $12,000 goal

Raised by 5 people in 2 months

Furries! Printers! ACTION!
Hi, my name is SeiRruf Wilde.

*** There's a TL;DR summary version available!! Scroll down for that, if interested.
*** Concept Art Below!!!

** UPDATES POSTED SOON! A printer, Vinyl Cutter & other supplies have been acquired! **
** Please note, prints will be up to 2ft, not 3ft. Shirts will not be available yet, as the goal has not been reached**

All success starts with a dream. Not always do these dreams have to benefit only yourself. Sometimes they benefit entire communities of people only with room to expand.

The Furry community is a collection of amazingly creative people whom together have brought smiles and cheer to this world through their creative artwork. Artwork that sometimes never leaves the screens of our digital lives, either because you're forced to buy in bulk, or you're simply too shy to ask a non-furry company to print your suggestive furry art.  But what if there were an easier, more trusting way to bring this digital artwork into the real world?

Finally, a Furry printing service for everyone. Accepting NSFW pieces and small, personal orders featuring your favorite mediums such as Stickers, Posters, Buttons, Decals and more with plans to expand further into Mugs, Lanyards,  Temporary Tattoos, Textiles (such as shirts, hoodies and caps) with endless room for further expansion. Blacklight UV Inks made available. Heat transfers will be made available for your own projects! Whether it be sublimation or normal premium transfers. Extra large stickers, banners, posters, decals and more can now be a simple commission away!

Beyond everything, a Furry powered service with the premium customer service and support you'd expect means more possibilities in your prints. My plans include building something that all artists can benefit from. To build something that with time and success, will bring more donations to animal charities. What you invest into this printing dream today could better the lives of animals and Furry artists around the world over time.

I want to make this a great service for our fellow Furry artists. The end goal would be simple. Every single time an image is printed using artwork *you* drew (even if you're printing your own orders!) you'll get a percentage credited. No joke.

I will be investing a large portion of my savings ($6,000) into this dream to start things off but with your help, we can get there faster. The honest truth is that the 12k goal alone will barely cover the cost of a single premium printer and some ink, but I've the faith that we can make this happen! Every dollar donated will be put towards premium equipment to keep future orders spot-on. Your support means everything to me. Please help me make this dream possible. I hope to one day be able to not only match, but double every donation received towards an animal charity or charities in the future.

This is a personal project which will start on an always-open commission basis. With every project, there are risks and challenges along the way. Your belief in me is what has kept me spreading love and cheer since 2006. I hope to continue doing my part in this beautiful fandom, as you all have done yours. I hope to find a way to thank each and every one of you who believe in me when I make my way to the top. I will never forget the support and generosity I've received. Thank you ♥

Every donation will be rewarded over time as we get there!
You'll receive both exclusive furry prints, as well as being some of the very first to receive custom prints of your very own artwork. Rewards are based on the total amount donated. Artists may be approved to donate unique, exclusive pieces (artist's freedom) as a form of contribution, which will be included in the rewards. Some items like shirts, mugs, lanyards etc are available as rewards, but may not be produced for some time. Holding off is acceptable!

We're Furries. Let's stand together!


SeiRruf Wilde
Twitter: @SeiRruf

37626722_1557289995122469_r.jpeg(Artworks featured by artists: Traxon, Milk, Aleks & Pawfoot)

TL;DR Summary of above:
- Your donation counts! All project backers ($5+) through all payment mediums will be added to a private telegram group, and entitled to custom printed & exclusive art rewards once the shop is ready.

- When it comes to custom prints, Need just 1 shirt? How about one mug. One poster. Just 10 stickers. What if your stickers need to be 10" across? This would be the place! Bulk offered at discounts too!

- NSFW Printing doesn't have to be embarrassing anymore. I will print *anything* within general good taste (no propaganda, no beast, cub, or other questionable imagery, no violent gore (candy gore or soft gore is ok!).

- Have your order shipped directly to you for your own processing or convention tables with room to expand into shipping directly to your customers, saving you initial up-front costs (items made-to-order).

- Lots of print options! From shirts, mugs and stickers to temporary tattoos, button pins and  heat press transfers (and sublimation) for your own at-home projects.

- Revolving around YOU. As an artist, you could receive a percentage *every* time an item with your art on it is printed. Yes, even if you're the one printing the art. Instant discounts, baby!

- Our animal charities are waiting for us. Once financial stability is achieved within the print shop, various charities chosen by you could begin benefiting.

- Premium support! Offered by yours truly. A furry since 2006. I aim to please and create smiles. Thank you ♥

37626722_1557269172995289_r.jpeg* Glicee prints! 11 colors + chroma-optimizer inks for professional color reproduction on posters

♥ At   $1k-2k -- Thank you! A fantastic start towards better premium equipment, more stock & supplies.
♥ At   $3k -- Bigger orders will now be placed quicker. Even more items will be made available.
♥ At   $5k -- HUGE THANKS! Saving towards a new printer! More frequent giveaways may begin on twitter.
♥ At $10k -- New printer ($7k requirement)! Items such as textiles (shirts, hats, clothing..), mugs, lanyards, temporary tattoos, heat transfers, mouse pads etc will be on their way soon. Sublimation & premium heat-transferred, full-color images.

Stretch Goals:
♥ At $15k -- UV Ink for all textiles & transfers! Larger shirt and mug orders will now be placed quicker.
♥ At $20k -- Best quality achieved. All items fully stocked. Faster turnarounds! THANK YOU!
♥ At $21k+ -- Seeking for the resources to produce custom enamel pins and embroidery patches become possible with the help of being able to hire local Furries to help aide in the printing process, giving myself more time to expand the availability of custom printed items.

After Donating, please contact @SeiRruf on twitter  or telegram  to be added to a private telegram group where we'll all be able to discuss further project plans and rewards together. This group will also benefit from EXCLUSIVE artwork prints made available only to project backers later down the road. Greater donation amounts may be granted greater reward credit towards future orders and exclusive prints. More details along the way! ♥

# Across all platforms (gofundme, paypal , ko-fi, cashapp, etc), you've all raised a total of: $590 USD. Thank you!!

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progress Progress PROGRESS! The shop is coming together. I've been busy!

As being just one person, I am working in all areas as fast as I am able to. This might mean some quiet breaks on social media from time to time. During these times, I'm getting things all set up for excellence. Anyhow, here's an update!

Though the attention & donations received have been great, they've overall been quite underwhelming. This won't stop me however. I'm excited to push forward and show both those who believed in me from the beginning as well as those who never gave it a second look the power of what can be achieved when you stick to your plans and push forward, regardless. I hope I will be able to set a good example to those others after me who wish to chase their dreams, even when your surroundings try holding you back.

As of right now, I am currently able to produce Matte Black & Matte White Permanent Adhesive (5-7 years outdoor life) vinyl decals, custom cut to your specifications up to 22" in size, approximately. Pricing is still being worked on but for most low-quantity (1-5) orders of vinyl decals, depending on size, the price range will be from $5 to $10. Higher quantities will be reduced in price greatly! $3-$5, to even $0.50-$3 each, depending on amount ordered at once and size. -- I will announce on twitter when orders are being officially accepted!


Q - What's missing now?
A - Just the papers for the printer & more various colors for vinyl decals.

Q - What's taking so long to get these printable medias?
A - I strive to achieve the best possible quality I can provide. That not only means a good printer and inks, but good paper as well. I won't ship it if I wouldn't be happy receiving it, myself. If you know of any aqueous pigment printable media that you recommend for photos, stickers, posters or whatever else, I'd love to hear about it!

Q - Will t-shirts, mugs and the other things be available yet?
A - No, not yet! Unfortunately that budget has a lonnnng way to go before we'll get there at this rate, but I can only hope that with the opening of the custom items that will be initially available, that funds will quickly add up towards the other necessary requirements. :)

Q - Can I still donate and receive full backer rewards?
A - Yes! But only for a short period of time. Though donations will be open for a short while yet, specific early backer rewards will soon discontinue once they begin shipping out. All donations regardless will still be rewarded, just without the early backer perks.

Q - When are you expected to start taking orders?
A - I am hoping by the end of June, if all goes well.

Q - Will your orders start out as being the top-notch quality you wish to eventually deliver?
A - I will always try my best and learn along the way, but I can not promise my very first early orders will be the best I'll be able to provide as time goes on.

Q - I'm an early backer, when will I get my stuff?
A - Currently, I am only able to produce vinyl decals. If this is all you wanted, message me right now! If you wanted anything printed (posters, color stickers, etc) then soon. :) Most backer rewards will be processed before custom orders are taken from the general public.

Q - I have a question that isn't mentioned here?
A - As always, ask away on twitter! @SeiRruf I am more than happy to see to your questions. :)
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First the Vinyl Cutter, now the wide format 24" Glicee Printer. All ordered and on their way! With them, I've also ordered several other pieces to make this all possible, including equipment to make stickers and packaging. During the time of shipping and setup, I will be releasing more teasing images on my twitter ( @SeiRruf ) while I prepare to take live orders, starting with those who have backed the project.

I've only just barely $2,000 in my own funding to make the rest of these purchases and it has come to realization that even with all of the corners cut that I have been able to find, I'll be falling short a couple grand. This means I will be further limited as to what I can produce up front. So far, a total of $340 across 6 individuals has been raised out of the goal of $12,000. I've been able to fund another $350 elsewhere. As much as this helps, it is far from the minimum needed. If a higher amount is not able to be raised, special equipment like color calibration and business card cutters will not be available for a while. I avoid cutting corners with quality if I can help it, and taking a loan or credit is not an option I currently have as it turns out.

Purchases made right now are among some of the most important. They determine the quality I will start with, and space I'll have to work with (tables, etc). My goal is always to provide the best I can, and this is a chance to help. Remember, all donations grant you printing rewards once things lift up as well as printing credit for your own custom orders! Your names will be forever plastered in the About section of the developing website and project details, along with a link of your choice <3

Remember, this is a project by a Furry, for the Furries. -- A project in hopes to share profits within the fandom and its beloved charities over time. A project of self-employment for me where my journies through it include you and your interests. At the heart of the Furry Fandom lies the amazing artwork or peers create. Let's together make it an easier experience on bringing those creations off the screen!

A special extended thank you to everyone who has helped through donations of funding and artwork, as well as retweeting and sharing.

* (artwork pictured is a printed reference to "SeiRruf" as illustrated by @Traxon on twitter)
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A Professional 28" Vinyl Cutter has been ordered! This is an important first step into getting things going.

How was this Vinyl Cutter paid for? -- This purchase was made using my own personal budget, as the cost of this item was well beyond what this campaign has gained as of now.

What has the GFM paid for so far? -- So far, the money raised has been put into a thermal printer for logistics. This was a necessity. Thank you!! Your donations also help me have money for food and other personal necessities along the way (food, bills, etc). Not a penny of your donations will ever be spent on personal luxury items, and that is a promise.

What's next to be ordered? -- I am working towards getting the 24" Professional Glicee Pigment Printer ordered soon (out of personal budget). This will allow me to print the highest possible quality for your posters, stickers, banners and other media. This will be the printer used for most custom prints (shirts, mugs, etc not included). Following this purchase, the rest of the necessary hardware will be purchased. This includes but is not limited to the Cold Press, Heat Press, Trimmers, Work Tables, Consumables, Shelves and other required pieces to making quality productions of your orders.

What has already been ordered? -- So far aside from this Vinyl Cutter (personal budget), smaller items have been ordered such as a personal printer for packing slips (personal budget), as well as a label printer for logistics (GFM budget) and a shipping scale (personal budget). With the order of this Vinyl Cutter, I am hoping to start speeding up other orders. Various vinyls will definitely be next.

How long until orders can be placed? -- Right now I will be taking some time to finding the best possible quality vinyl for decals and stickers along side teaching myself how to use this new equipment to the fullest of its potential. This may take a little more time, but it is in the best favor of making sure I ship out nothing but the best quality to my fellow Furry friends. I estimate between 1 and 2 more months from this exact point, at the absolute max. My goal? Within the mid-month of June for simple Vinyl Decal orders!

When will custom T-Shirts be available? -- My budget was never able to handle all the required hardware for printing shirts. This is where your help came in! The GoFundMe campaign did not reach the numbers I could have even remotely hoped for, but that does not mean all hope is lost. I am hoping with the sales of stickers, decals, posters and such, I'll be able to not only pay off the hardware I've purchased, but also continue making enough to expanding the available custom prints, such as T-Shirts, Mugs, Mouse Pads and other exciting things. In the mean time, I may offer custom Heat Transfer Vinyl shirts, Bananas, etc. This will not allow for full color prints, but for simple text or shape based designs for the time being.

Can I still donate to the GoFundMe? -- Yes! Absolutely! The GFM will remain open for an extended period of time. At any time, donations are welcomed. Please note that the earlier you donate, the better the rewards may be for early backers! Once all the major printing equipment has been ordered and the GFM focus is entirely on t-shirts, certain exclusive prints may no longer be available.

This all has been a lengthy and stressful process for me and I am not even near the finish line. I am very excited to see progress being made and I hope to continue receiving your help and support through this all. If you felt I've missed any important details here, please reach out to me on telegram or twitter! @SeiRruf

Thank you <3
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$520 of $12,000 goal

Raised by 5 people in 2 months
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