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My name is Kacey, and I am the host of the Cult Vault Podcast. For over two years now, I have been independently producing and hosting this show. Throughout my journey, I have encountered incredible individuals with great causes. Recently the social, spiritual and political climate across the US and beyond seems to have blended. In light of recent events and with more awareness being brought to those fleeing destructive religious practices, I have set up a 12-hour stream.

The broadcast will be made up of multiple 60-90 minute interviews with a variety of guests, with featured content creators sharing pre-recorded videos in between.

This stream aims to raise awareness of how women are treated within high-demand groups. It also aims to raise money. Several items have been kindly donated to the broadcast to help raise money, and anyone who donates will be in with a chance of winning a random prize.

Donors will be added to a numbered list where I will use a random number generator to choose winners throughout the stream. The giveaway items will also be placed in a numbered list where I will use a random number generator to choose the prize being gifted to the winning donor.

Prizes include Pokemon Terrariums, Original Prints, Cult Vault Swag, Cult Vault Merch, Books and more.

The money will be used to cover the cost of shipping the giveaway prizes to the winners. All remaining profits will be split between The Cult Vault (to enable the podcast to continue to grow and improve) and "The Sound Choices Coalition", which is undergoing some changes and will soon be known as "My Sound Choices" - Moving from supporting those escaping polygamy, to supporting ANYONE who is fleeing from destructive religous practices.

My Sound Choices Bio -
My Sound Choices: My Body, My Mind, My Voice, My Choice
Informing Society of the Harms of Coercive Religious Cults, and Advocating for its Victims.
Together we aspire to help assure everyone the freedom to formulate and actuate their own Sound Choices.
  • SOUND: solid, firm, stable, free from error, fallacy, or misapprehension; exhibiting or based on thorough knowledge and experience; legally and logically valid. . .
  • CHOICES: opportunity or privilege of choosing freely without threat or coercion, . . . care in selecting; . . . choice by one’s judgment or predilections; implying a wide range of choice. . .

My Sound Choices (SCC) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, non-denominational organization. Our ongoing goals are to assist victims with life skills that will empower them and others. We are dedicated to raising awareness of, and working to end the damaging practices associated with religious cults such as coercive polygamy, Scientology, and other extreme denominations.

We will be LIVE across Youtube and Facebook and will be sharing the links as to the various sites you can access the broadcast as soon as this function has been set up.
You can subscribe to my Youtube channel here -

Please give generously and consider sharing this with everyone who may be interested.

All my best, and I appreciate you!
Kacey :)

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