Cuddle Cot For Stillborn Babies

            Many of you may not know but I have a daughter who is in heaven. On May 2nd, I went in for a routine 22 week OB checkup to find out that my baby's heart had stopped beating. I was then omitted to the hospital where I was induced into 10 hours of labor and gave birth to my stillborn baby girl Lucia Mae on May 3rd. 
Since then I have learned so much about stillborn babies and that its more common than I knew. It's something alot of people do not like to talk about. I'm quite the opposite, I will tell you anything you want to know. My daughter was not a secret, she is my strength.

Getting to the point:
I have learned about Cuddle Cots that are specifically for stillborn babies.
The CuddleCot is a system that cools the baby in situ allowing the baby to remain with the family thereby providing the family time they want. The CuddleCot cooling pad is placed in any moses basket, crib, pram or bed; it is connected by a specially insulated hose and is quietly cooled using the CuddleCot cooling unit. The CuddleCot system comes in its own carry case with different size cooling pads for premature and full term babies.

When you give birth to a stillborn you do not have much time to spend with your child, and having a Cuddle Cot provided to you gives you "The gift of Time".
This gift of time allows precious hours for bonding, pictures, plaster molds to be taken and other family members to come and meet the baby before the natural changes that occur in death become more apparent. In addition the baby can now stay in the room with the family the entire hospital stay if the family so desires. While we know this might not be for everyone it does allow families a choice. Choices become so important very, very important when it seems as if all are taken away and suddenly families go from planning a future to a funeral in the blink of an eye. Every moment spent is a precious gift and as a grieving parent you never know what your heart may need to continue its healing journey weeks, months or even years down the road. Across the board almost all the parents wish they would have spent more time with their baby. All the parents who were offered the use of a device credit its use as being a solid, healthy way to begin their mourning and grieving journey.

I want the memory of my daughter to live on. I want other grieving parents at Franklin Square Hospital to have more time than I had with my daughter. 

All of the money donated is going to me purchasing a CuddleCot in memory of Lucia Mae Mosca and it will be donated to the Hospital where I gave birth.  Any extra money recieved will be donated to the organization itself to help other hospitals in getting a CuddleCot.
(website to learn more about the organization in which Im going through)

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