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CTA Mocks 4 India

COVID has a dire impact on India. CTAs offer Mock Exams for donations to support COVID relief.

1) Donate 450 EUR in exchange for a mock exam with a CTA.
2) Register for your session here .
3) We match you with one of the CTAs.
4) You arrange and run the session.

(Withdraw plan: withdraw into dedicated Bunq checking account and send to the the charity via

India is heading into a lockdown and people are dying on the streets, in the hospitals, in their homes. Millions of Indians are suffering directly or indirectly from the devastating impacts of COVID. It’s bad. It is really bad. Many of our dear colleagues on-shore and off-shore are Indian and worry about their country, their families and friends.

Not acting is simply not an option.

All funds the Akshaya Patra (link) charity. An Indian providing meal or packed grocery kits to the marginalised and low-income segment of the society Indian comprising of daily wage workers, migrant laborers, construction site workers, and needy people at old age homes and night shelters. There's a lot of international focus on Oxygen and medical supply,  therefore we want to channel our efforts to the underprivileged.

Depending on the amount we might consider including additional causes focused on COVID relief in India.

A group of volunteer CTAs offers Mock Exams to Salesforce Architects for donations.

The format is simple 1,5 - 2 hours, with a dedicated Certified Technical Architect to get

- Feedback on a mock Exam
- QA practice
- Recommendations and advice on your preparation

Use the session to kick start your CTA journey, improve your preparation or get ready for your board.
This is not a substitute for Salesforce CTA-602 Diagnostics.

Thank you to the following CTAs who are kind enough to donate their times to run mocks with you:

- Andrew Mahood, Precursive
- Jakub Stefanik, Craftware
- Johann Furmann, Gilib Consulting
- Lawrence Newcombe, NCS
- Michal Michalec, PWC
- Sebastian Wagner, FlowRepublic
- Tameem Bahri, Capgemini
- Vinay Sail, Canon Europe

You are a CTA and want to donate your time? Fill out this form and let us know.

- Can I pick the CTA who will run my mock? No, assignments are done round-robin.
- Can I ask for a refund? Seriously ...?
- What scenario will we be working on? You will receive the scenario ahead of time.
- By when do I need to schedule the session? Please arrange directly with your designated CTA


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