Crowdfunding The Death of Blake Day

Crowdfunding The Death of Blake Day

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A crowdfunding campaign and music album about artistic transformation and rebirth.

The Death of Blake Day - Who? What? Why?

Around 14 years ago, I made an important realisation: if I didn't write a poem for some time, I would become unhappy. And every time I would write a poem or a song, any sorrow that had piled up would just vanish into thin air. So similar to consuming other works of art, my own writing and songwriting became a panacea that still has the power to alleviate and often completely cure any pain. I mostly write about Love, as Love is the essence of everything.

But one day, I had to publish some of my music. I wasn't able do this under my real name because looking at my daily routines and who I was at the time, this was not what I wanted to be doing in life or who I wanted to be. So I invented an artistic alter ego, and I called him "Blake Day". With this mask, I felt more comfortable approaching the public.

Blake Day becomes Michael Achim

But in the last 3 years, my life has taken on a new and true direction towards my true self - and for everyone, life should eventually lead towards their true self. It's a natural evolutionary process of growth that requires the death and transformation of the old self and then the birth of the new self. That's why I as Blake Day had to die so that I could evolve into my true self - Michael Achim, which are my real names. And the musical result of this process is my album "Axolotl - The Death of Blake Day. An album by Michael Achim.", which will be available from 6th March 2020.

Be an Axolotl. Take the future into your own hands.

When doing an album, or anything really, there is only one true criterion: it has to mean something. My album is called Axolotl. The Axolotl is a special amphibian that doesn't evolve from water to land like its peers, although it could. Instead, it remains in a semi-larval stage, though it is capable of reproducing and even re-growing almost any part of its body, including half of its brain. The Axolotl, for me, is a metaphor for defying predestination and conditioning - and becoming what you want to become. It is a living symbol of possibilities, and a metaphor for what we are capable of as human beings too, and that we can and should take our future into our own hands. But if you want to step into the future, you have to leave behind your past. I kind of feel like an Axolotl, and I have chosen to evolve into what I want to and have to become: which is my true authentic self.

Album Launch / "Funeral" and Live Album

Together with my band consisting of piano, cello, violin, double bass, guitar, synthesizers, and percussion, we'll be holding a one-off Blake Day "funeral" concert on Friday, the 6th of March, at Privatclub in Berlin, where we will also release the forthcoming and only Blake Day album called "Axolotl - The Death of Blake Day. An album by Michael Achim.". At the "funeral" release concert, we will record a live music album featuring new songs, plus, after putting Blake Day to rest, I will reveal what my personal artistic future will look like exactly. Here's the link to the event: 

Where to go from here?

Every artist - and everyone, for that matter - is embedded in a bigger picture, which is to help both humanity as a whole and every individual human being to survive and evolve while ideally enjoying this unique existence. This transition from Blake Day to my true self makes me feel truly free to pay my existential duty: to assist humanity through authentic art - in my case, this means through words and music.

Please help with this crowdfunding

With this, I'm asking for your help. Precisely, I'm asking you to support my Axolotl album launch / Blake Day "funeral" crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunded money will be used to pay for some of the costs of the production and release of the finished album, the release concert / "funeral" and the resulting live album with some new songs. I have always been writing, performing and publishing literally "at all costs" - but there is a limit, and I have reached it. That's why I'm reaching out for your help.
And as for the future, I will make sure to create for you authentic music and books and art from the heart and soul in order to contribute to nurturing and saving the very soul of the world. For at the end of the day, this is what it's all about. And I hope I can count on your help with that. It begins with every individual human being. It begins with me, and it begins with you.

Thank you, thank you, and again: thank you!

Much love,
Blake Day / Michael Achim



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