(PAST EVENT)Sea of Change Treasure Hunt 2021

The Crossbones Company mission is to help individuals navigate tough seasons of life and discover purpose and direction through our hands-on learning course and adventure outlet.

Our group is raising money to through this event to fund our program for next year and put a portion of everything we raise is going into cash prizes for our community. This year we are having a lake-wide treasure hunt event open to EVERYONE! We will be hiding treasure chests all across Lake Lanier, south of Browns Bridge, that will contain tokens that can be exchanged for cash!

Why is this so important to us...
"Life happens" and takes many twists and turns along the journey... Sometimes you get stuck. In this modern age of information overload and grand expectation, it became apparent that more and more people were becoming disconnected, discontent, confused, depressed, and anxious as life brought them through one of its many transitional seasons. Whether it was post education, post service, post career, post addiction, post tragedy, or just general stagnation, people were becoming stuck without the means, the knowledge, and sometimes even the will to move forward. 

We pair our learning course with a day out exploring and use traditional means of navigation to create a unique way to access the process of effective goal setting and follow-through techniques, and reinforced through group activities and reflection exercises. 

Through fellowship and facilitating a great, fun, and exciting outlet you can find your adventure. If you are willing to learn and have the desire to move forward, we believe we can help you find your sense of self, place and purpose.

To learn more about us, check out our website here The Crossbones Company 

How do I participate and whats the details?

The hunt for these treasure chests will begin at daybreak. All you have to do is drive or ride up to public parks and beach areas around Lake Lanier and start searching!

We will be monitoring the progress from mid-lake aboard our ship, Dubloon, on a VHF radio channel XX and by cellphone (404-863-2994) Please reach out via any of our contacts to give us updates if you have found a chest. We will post regular updates and news to this page and be going live from our social media page here:The Crossbones Facebook 
After we call off the hunt at 5:00 pm we will head over to XXX for a meet and greet, to celebrate, and, at 6:30 pm, distribute the prize money. This event's prizes are on a PERCENTAGE based scale, so the more we receive the more we will give back to the community! Donation is not required for participation in finding the treasure chests but people who donate $10 or more and leave their email will receive a set of clues where these treasures might be found. You must be present at the prize distribution with your token in hand to be awarded your prize. All unclaimed prizes will expire at the end of the event and given to the local nonprofits that we serve and partner with.

THE BOOTY:  $145.50

Gold Grand Prize= (10% of Current raised amount) There is only ONE of these chests and it will be at a public park so that it is fair game for everyone but it will not be an easy grab! Good luck!
- Prize currently worth $48.50

Silver Second Prize= (10% of Current raised amount split 3 ways) There will be THREE of these chests hidden on accessible islands most reachable to the boating community or personal watercraft.
- Each prize currently worth $16.16

Bronze Third Prize= (10% of Current raised amount split 10 ways)There will be a total of TEN chests all spread around well know locations, beaches, accessible shoreline, and participating restaurants or lakeside venue. 
- Each prize currently worth $4.85

Honorary Prize= The top donor will be invited for a day out aboard Dubloon for some fun in the sun, the day is yours. (8 hours, up to 8 people, 2 crew). 

- Chests are NOT buried or under anything, leave landscape and natural beauty alone
- Be very respectful of all public properties, disruptors or vandals will be disqualified
- You will be disqualified if we catch you littering, we take great care to help clean that mess up
- You will be disqualified if we see you swimming in open water with no life jackets
- Keep whatever social distance required. Be courteous and respectful of others on the hunt
- No actual piracy or stealing of the chests allowed
- We are simply hiding our chests and letting the public know about it, The Crossbones Company is not liable or responsible for any dumb stuff you do, injuries, or damages if you choose to come look for our chests.

HAVE A GREAT DAY, HAVE FUN, and we hope to see everyone getting out there just enjoying nature and some quality time together!

Please visit us at The Crossbones Company   for more information and opportunities to come aboard yourself. 

  • Dawn LeClair 
    • $10 
    • 5 mos
  • Mark Beauchamp 
    • $25 
    • 5 mos
  • Zoe Northcutt 
    • $50 
    • 5 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $100 
    • 6 mos
  • Joey Bostwick 
    • $20 
    • 6 mos
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