Jerry's Walking Tall But Now He Needs Your Help!

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Family, friends, and neighbors,

As many of you know, 2022 was a tough year for Jerry. While still rebuilding from a devastating house fire, he underwent 25 surgeries in nine months and weeks upon weeks spent in hospital after hospital, ending with the amputation of his right leg on September 20th. On that day, he vowed that he would walk with his sons to the tree on Christmas morning, something doctors said would not be possible. In true Jerry style, he showed others what was possible, and this was what our sons saw on Christmas morning...

For those that may not know, please read on to learn about some of the great work Jerry does to support his family, friends, and his community. When he can use his time or talents to support others, he does so without hesitation and never accepts accolades for it. Jerry is now returning to work after nearly a year without a salary. Last year brought millions in medical bills, thousands per month in out-of-pocket prescription costs, and even hundreds of dollars per week in necessary bandaging supplies not covered by insurance. He put his family first many times, going without necessary medications or needed supplies to ensure our children did not go without during such a difficult time. Now, I'm asking you all to help him regain his life and protect the things he has spent a lifetime working to provide for his children. He has always been the most financially responsible man I've ever known, but the straw has come that threatens to break the camel's back.

Please, take a moment with me to look back at just a few of the many things Jerry has done to support others in their times of need, some of which were done in the past year while he was struggling to survive...

A Heartbreaking Loss For Our Community:

Last August, our community was rocked by the loss of two teenagers and the severe injury of a third when their vehicle was struck by a drunk driver only days before they were to start their senior year of high school. Jerry immediately demanded to be taken to his shop, where he crafted a beautiful sign to be placed at the scene of the accident on behalf of the community. It was very important to him that the young people affected by this tragedy knew they were cared for and had somewhere to gather and grieve together. Later, after being introduced to the parents and grandparents of those killed, he told me he would have carved it by hand from his hospital bed if he had to. It was simply something that needed to be done to support the families touched by such a senseless tragedy.

Dads of Castle Rock:

Dads of Castle Rock is without a doubt the most supportive group of men Jerry has ever known, and he takes great pride in being part of DoCR. With thousands of members, DoCR supports the community in more ways than can be counted. Each year, Jerry donates the DoCR Christmas ornaments, helping to raise funds for the incredible work done by this organization. He has also done many other projects for the community while giving credit to the group. I can't tell you enough how proud he is to call himself a DoCR, and how highly he regards his fellow DoCRs! He even made sure to have some fun with his Halloween costume for the DoCR Trunk or Treat event last year!

Castle Rock Police & First Responders:

Jerry has always shown big support for those that work to keep our community safe. When our Sheriff's Department lost an officer, he made a stunning 3D carving of the officer's badge to be presented to the family. When our own Castle Rock PD lost a beloved canine officer, Jerry made a stunning plaque to honor his service to Castle Rock. Additionally, he has made Act of Kindness coins, pieces presented to frontline healthcare workers, and done countless other acts to honor those that serve our amazing community.

18,000+ Woodworking Kits For Kids:

When Covid struck leaving children home from school and parents stressed to meet the challenge, Jerry began making weekly woodworking kits for the children of Castle Rock. He made these kits available for free, ensuring that no child was left out due to financial hardship as families navigated the new normal. Word quickly spread, and Jerry provided over 18,000 kits to children, special needs homes, and others. He also provided the plans to fellow woodworkers in more than 20 countries! In the end, hundreds of thousands of kits were distributed worldwide! He made assembly videos for each kit and made sure they could be completed using common household items and no tools. He doesn't boast about it, but he takes immense pride in knowing he exposed countless kiddos to the opportunity to learn some woodworking during their time at home.


When our neighboring community of Boulder experienced a tragic act of violence that claimed many precious lives, Jerry immediately went to work. He made and then placed this beautiful sign at the site of the tragedy on behalf of our Castle Rock community. As is always the case with Jerry, he felt he needed to take some action to honor the memory of those lost and show solidarity with the families touched by loss. To him, there is nothing more precious than life, and when it's lost senselessly he cannot stand idle.

Countless Other Acts of Kindness:

Jerry's participation in the community is nothing new. He has chaired or been a member of the board of many charitable organizations, has provided educational opportunities to underserved people, and even provided free mobile showers, haircuts, and meals to the homeless in Chicago for years. Using our RV as his mobile kitchen, he has served thousands of meals to first responders during times of crisis. In 2017, he saved a young mother and her days-old baby from a violent carjacking in a Target store parking garage, nearly being shot and killed in doing so. I know my opinion of this man is biased, but there has never been another so ready to risk his own safety and security to protect others, and we are very proud of his hard work and accomplishments!

Jerry's New Normal:

Since the start of his journey to save his legs, Jerry has posted photos and videos documenting both his struggles and his successes. When he lost his right leg in September, he became active in several groups and organizations supporting amputees. Fast forward to the present, and Jerry has helped hundreds of new and long-time amputees. He is contacted by dozens of new people per day, and spends hours providing emotional support, advice, assistance with insurance issues, and more to his fellow amputees around the world.

In the months since his amputation, I have watched from a front-row seat as Jerry has taken himself out of his comfort zone to provide comfort to others. Through his videos and posts, he has given strangers a bird's eye view of his most private moments in an attempt to let others know they are not on their journey alone. Even though I would expect nothing less of him, it makes me so proud to see him still thinking of ways to turn tragedy into something positive.

Through it all, he has done his best to do what his father told him to do in life, and that is teach. Always teach. If you must, use words.

Please, if you are able, consider helping Jerry at this time when he most needs it. If you are not able, accept our thanks and please share this with your friends.

As Jerry would say, much love, friends!

Instagram: Jerry's IG
YouTube: Jerry's YouTube


Jan. 25, 2023

To My Dearest Family, Friends and Neighbors,

To say that I am humbled by your outflowing of support would be a tragic understatement. All said and done, this whole experience in my life has reminded me of something very important, and that is that everything good in life comes from our connections to other people. The best medicines could not have gotten me through the hardest times of my last year, but people did. Every time I was at my own personal rock bottom, the love and support of my friends and family were so strong that I fought for myself to karmically repay them, even when I sometimes thought that I, personally, had nothing left to fight for.

I send the greatest measures of gratitude and thanks to you all. Each day I am stronger than the last, more capable, and feeling more like the self I once knew. I thank you all for standing by me as I fight to protect my family's future and move forward in this beautiful, sometimes tragic thing we call life. I'm not sure what I have done in life to deserve such fine folks, but I will try my best to pass on the kindness whenever the world allows.

Much Love,


Organizer and beneficiary

Heather Powell
Castle Rock, CO
J Allen Powell

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