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“Music in the Soul, can be heard by the whole Universe.” ~ Lao Tzu

Welcome Soul Friends + Family :)
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this page. Music has the power to connect us, support our healing and unite us. The experience of making my first album 10,000 Suns and sharing it (2018) has been a profound and beautiful experience. We have received so many wonderful messages over the years of folks experience with the music. It is time again for creating new music and sharing the new songs, chants and prayers that have been coming through over the last 4 years. So this page is an invitation and a portal to help us co-create new music dedicated to healing connection, peace and unity. An invitation to be a part of the creative process, especially for those of you who have already heard my music and been moved by it either on the album ’10,000 Suns’ or at a live show, workshop or event. This page is for supporters and music fans who would like to be a part of co-creating & supporting the creation of new music.

So if you feel inspired to be a part of our creating new music then please read on!

And if you haven’t heard the music and would like to, you can visit – for links to most of the digital outlets. You can listen for free on all outlets.

You can also listen for free and purchase if you wish to at

And much G R A T I T U D E to everyone who has offered support to this new project already!
I have decided to create this crowd / fan support 'go fund me page' as it is easier for most folks to find, share the info and participate if they wish too. So this will know be the official project support page. And for everyone who has already donated, thank you so much and you are are still part of the list and process. Thank you :)

The Power and Importance of Fan Based Crowd Funding for Creating Music & Art
As many of you know, creating, recording and releasing music requires a big investment in money, time and energy. The hard part for most artists is raising enough funds to truly create the music or art in a good way and then being able to fund the process of sharing it with the world. Especially when after completion, the music is essentially free and artists make very little money on digital streams (example - spotify .003 per stream, approx.) So most artists these days are either wealthy or essentially rely on their fans / supporters to help them co-create the music through covering the costs associated with creating music i.e. studio time, musicians, engineers, production, mixing, mastering, promotion and sales, which adds up quickly. In the old days it was the record companies that funded albums and took the lion share of the profits. With the musical revolution of these last 20+ years, it has become in many ways easier to record music at home with all of the amazing technology but artists often find themselves needing to do it all including the creating of the music, promotion, sales, management etc. So with the advent of crowdfunding artists have been able to reach out directly to their supporters and their supporters play a huge role in creating of new music. Really we cant do it without you _/\_

For this project, your donations and support will go directly to helping create the music. Paying for studio time, musicians and all facets of the creation, promotion and distribution of the music. Essentially you are co- creating it with us and helping us get it out into the world. So I have created a way for anybody that wants to support on any level to be able to do that from simple listening of the music online that already exists to funding the creation of new new music at any level. And then doing it we have created some wonderful ways for those that wish to engage in the process with us.

Music has the power to uplift, heal and unite us!

New Music on the Way
During the last few months, I have started recording the first few songs; ‘Praying for Love (War is Over)’ a heart centered anti-war protest song & ‘Promised Land’ a song about the beauty of this earth we live on and creating together ‘the promised land’ that we all know in our hearts is possible. I feel so inspired by these songs and the music that is coming through and the songs sound great and are almost finished. I am working over the next month to finish these 2 songs and then record some more of the material. They songs will be the first few releases from the next album. So far I have been able to cover the recording with some donations and from my my own pocket. But I am asking for help from my music fans to help finish the current songs and create even more healing and inspiring music.

You can hear a few clips at the end of this page!

New Music Vision + Song Creation + Albums

Over the last 3 to 4 years, I have been writing lots of songs, reflections on life and healing, hopes, dreams and prayers for our world. As an artist, this has been the deepest part of my own process really bringing out into words, music and sound, what I have been feeling in my soul. So far everyone I have shared the music with has been inspired by it and I hope to share it with more of you over the months ahead. Many of the new songs are in English, sourced from the same spirit and energy the created 10,000 Suns.

Mantra Music
I have spent the last 30 years chanting Mantras and that continues to be a main part of my practice, so some of the new music i have been composing is in mantra, chant form. I am also planning to record these and release them along the way.

10,000 Suns
My first album ’10,000 Suns’ was a completion of a circle, after growing up in the music business, leaving that world to travel to the East to learn about yoga and meditation and then returning home again to the music of chant and sacred mantras the album was a merging of these two worlds for me. ’10,000 Suns’ was a labor of love , also crowd funded ( thank you to everyone who helped us create the music!) We recorded the album over 3 years and there were so many wonderful and talented musicians that were a part of the project. The album had some wonderful success, it went to number three on the iTunes world music charts for a short time and 2 of the sings got to #3 on the world music song charts. The iTunes Charts are mostly based on sales so it is really just about how many people are buying the songs or listening to them at that moment. One of the most amazing things that come out of it for me is connecting with an audience around the world and receiving so many messages of people who have found the album very healing and inspiring for them. Music has a great power to unite, to heal and to awaken us.

Listen to 10,000 Suns here –

How to Support the Creation of New Music & be a part of the Process!

If you would like to hear the music and are able to support the process, your help and support on any level is massively appreciated! And there are many ways to help and support. You can choose one of the support levels below or you can make a donation of any amount to support the music or ...You can also join my Patreon Community where you get weekly yoga practices as well. You can also listen to 10,000 Suns and share with your friends on your favorite streaming services.

And you can share the music and this crowd funding with your friends….

Any Donation helps support the creation of New Music + gets you invited to our next online concert on 9/21 - live from Bali with special guest Jim Beckwith :))

So the truth is, I don't really like making tiers and deciding who gets what by amount, etc., plus its more work to keep track of all that. What i really want to do is just create music that inspires and uplifts my brothers and sisters and inviting everyone who feels inspired to support / donate whatever feels good to them and i am trusting the Universe will support this! It is also true that there are so many causes these days and i know many folks can only afford a little, so I have decided to essentially get rid of the tier system and if you feel inspired to donate, please offer any amount, what you can easily, what feels good. In the end, the music is free anyway, and will be offered to the world. And our supporters are part of making it happen, it really can't happen without you.

Any Amount Donation! - Spring Equinox Concert with Jim Beckwith
And you will be invited to our next online concert on 9/21 and also a zoom live where I take you inside the studio and the creative process and share some of the music with you and some of the stories behind the music this will happen in early October. The concert last month it was really beautiful and I had an opportunity to share a little bit of the new material and also some of the stories but there's a lot more to share. The next concert will be on the spring equinox September 21.

I am including some support levels below as a guide and i will definitely think of something extra for the folks that are able to donate a little more and helps us get this music out into the world. So, if you feel really inspired and would like to become and executive producer, that would be a miracle and you will get to hear the music before we release it :)

Imaginary Tiers:)

Any Donation - thank you :)
Invitation to Equinox 9/21 concert and all others online concerts during the creation of this project.

New Music Contributor $30
Any donation $30 and above it's amazing and it's like buying two albums.

New Song & Soul Music Supporter – $108
Level of support goes a long way to helping us, finish the current songs and getting them out into the world.

New Music Co-Creator $250
Anywhere near this level of support, makes a big impact, it essentially pays for a recording session, musician + studio time.
It's like sponsoring a recording session :-)

Patron of the Arts – $500
This is a whole day in the studio and then some, it is a massive support to creating the new music and we will offer website album credit as a 'patron of the arts supporter’ for anybody who feels inspired to help at this level.

Song Executive co-producer – $1008
At this level of support you become an album coproducer. And it really makes things happen, thank you.

Maha – Album Executive Producer - $2500 to $5000
If you would like to become an ‘Album Executive Producer’ and help me complete, mix and release this new music, please contact me and we can discuss it. You will receive an ‘album executive producer credit ( if you like), you get to hear the music before anyone else and you will also receive a VIP invitation to any live show and dinner with the band!

Private Donations
We are grateful to this platform, however there are fees involved, if you would like to make a private donation, please contact us.

And remember of you have already donated, you are already included on our email list and i am very grateful. I am planning to release the first 2 songs this year and the album in 2024 with your help.

Mahalo :))))


Here are a few clips of the first 2 songs in process:)
I want to offer my gratitude to everyone who has donated so far and to Rick Franz, Jim Beckwith, Ben Leinbach, Brenda McMorrow, Bob Tudor, Yoshi Aono, Gayan Gregory Long, Damon Zen Drummer + Natalie Dawn Wilson for their talents, support and love and in creating this music. One Love ~ saul

Promised Land ( Short Clip) / words + music © saul david raye 2023

Praying for Love (WAR IS OVER!) ~ (Short Clip) words + music © saul david raye 2023

A few songs from the first album. You can find a link to listen to the whole album - HERE

The River Song from the album 10,000 Suns ...

Mother I Feel You (Gayatri Mantra) from the album 10,000 Suns

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