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Covid 19 - 3D Printing for the front lines

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Our Mission and Story!

Ahoy Cap'n!

Are you keeping inside and well?

Do you love learning about 3D printing or seeing some truly out of this world builds for your costumes? Have you ever met Elise from Porzellan props? or us in Canada at a convention? We are an Edmonton based Cosplay Supplies company that has been helping the building and crafting community for the last 4 years and now with the recent unprecedented COVID-19 crisis going around the world at first we started helping slowly mainly working on supplies sourcing and EVA foam designing for the new demand and now we are doing more and more where we can including printing, but we need your help! 

We have joined forces with Elise from Porzellan props in 3D Printing and working on things to help people almost 18-24 hours a day 7 days a week now, With this, we can help bring our 12 printers combined to the fight against the COVID-19 Crisis within Canada as our Health care workers and front lines are dealing with a strong adversary.

Recently we have made and shipped 400 Face Shields for the Toronto / Ontario area which has 16+ Hospitals utilizing 3D Printed Face Shields to help people daily. We also have made over 3000+ ear savers for different areas in the Edmonton, Calgary for local businesses, family and friends but we are not done there! We have been working on helping produce, prototype and donate PPE around Canada and Elise has helped send supplies to New York for the COVID-19 Crisis!

With our team, we also have joined a wonderful project that helps print PPE for urgent required medical facilities and more across the country using an access map and network to show it in real-time. 

We are now working on an order that will help people all across BC as we have started making 25,000 Ear Savers that we will send out to Hospitals across a large network in British Columbia among our other printing jobs as well helping current people in need. This requires a large amount of Filament and we want to make sure we stay ahead while we are already in a position to help many people!

If you want to help donate a few dollars for keeping our filament levels higher and production rate steady you can join in and help us here! We're a small company but with our newly acquired team, we can help with our worldwide vision!

Want to know our costs for helping?

It's mainly filament and time! This is why we are working around the clock and doing what we can for specific jobs that have specific requests, every hospital in every province usually has accepted PPE we can make but they range in the amount of filament per piece as well as complexity to print on demand via our printer pocket. 

100-400 Face Shields can be made with a roll of Filament depending on the complexity of the shields. We currently have 4-5 files from around the world that some places are using and we have made for people.

700-1000 ear savers cost us $0.03 each to make in materials

Rolls of Filaments because of recently are costing us $25-$35 each now for most purchases.

Electricity running our pocket for 18+ hours a day also adds to our costs more than usual but we are paying for this also.

Prototyping materials, filaments, new printers, parts for our printers to keep them in top condition around the clock and more also are not added to costs and out of pocket currently.

We currently have shipped PPE to places as far as New York and also Eastern Canada, We aren't charging for PPE we print and shipping charges range across the country we are shipping to.

We are using in-house sanitizing methods including Isopropyl 70%, UV-C and Heat/Soap pooling to keep all the prints clean before shipping, We then have them sealed and locked in 5mil locked bags and shipped directly to their destination, These upgrades to our operation have costs also for upkeep. We also regularly are doing quality and test inspections to keep the printed items best maintained and prototyping new ones with our on-hand supplies if we can think of new ideas to help.

Why are we doing this?

Like everyone else we want the world to heal quicker so we can all get back to normal, we are always trying to help people in areas across our country on projects, building supplies and more but even more so now with our frontline workers and other people dealing with the virus on the front lines day in and day out. We have the power and forces to build for the cause but with supplies shortages or prices rising across Canada increasing from conditions we cannot control we aren't able to do it alone as quickly as we like!

We have had people we know and in our community cheering us on and glad we are able to offer our services to a wide area, a few people have asked us if they could help and we originally didn't accept or know where we could use the help until we joined our network sourcing team, Now we are able to direct our printers work to the job almost immediately for greater results, This isn't about us, It's about using our resources collectively to help the ones who need it so we want you to join us!

Got a printer and can help print? Great!

Want to make a donation to help us out? Also Great!

Do you have extra unused PPE like gloves, gowns, or masks? Please check on our map and you can donate directly as well!

Our Printers running 24/7 require lots of filament and we also have to be prepared in case a printer goes down so we can get them fixed up and running in little time. We do not know how long our battle with this will last but we have already dedicated and will continue to help people who need it for as long as we need to for this, Let's do it together!

We are offering our printers and around the clock, building to donate at no cost to the people that need our help, we want to keep them safe and with costs to do this we want to offer everything in our power, you can join in and help us create or help us make for the cause!

How can you help us and what does this mean?

We love helping people with their costumes normally but this year has been taken from us so now it's time for us to all band together and you can help send your extra PPE to the locations on this map to medical areas direct by seeing what they need or alternatively we are now asking for help with our filament costs and new upkeep as we are printing and shipping to many different people who are in need near and far using our normal network and logistics on board but for a greater cause for help!

We can help you also!

Are you Frontlines or do you need PPE? We will help you or help get you contacted with someone locally that we are working with.

Please fill out the following form on the map we are using in Canada. 

Our biggest need for helping the front lines are mainly keeping supplies high as we go through a lot of filament!

We have helped work on experimental EVA for assistance in the race to make PPE as well as added more printers and parts to keep us running at full capacity recently, Together we are sourcing filament where and when we can while also working on projects around the clock to help where it's needed! 

As always, Our combined team has been and is focused on community and helping others, we would love to give you a shoutout for helping us or if you want to join in printing or helping us keep our printers running please let us know!

You can also keep up to date with us online here and on social media.

Covid19 Efforts and Updates via our Online Store 

Thanks for reading and we are wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

We aren't expecting much but this is to help the people who are essential services, but we are working our hardest to make sure people are safe and we'll continue to accommodate and adjust to the demand as needed.

If you know someone working in a medical field or office, big or small please introduce our map to them so they can be added to our radar!

Our group has been keeping real-time help up to date to help these people in need from both the public who wish to donate and crafters like ourselves, we're in this together.

And as always, Thank you for helping us help others!

Keep up to date with us on Social Media!

We're helping Canada near and far, Cap'n!

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