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Hi. This is John with 360|iDev.
As some of you may know, after serving the community since 2009, over the past few years, we've had to take on debt in an effort to keep the conference alive.
After several unforeseen challenges , not the least of which is a pandemic of indefinite duration, we've had to end the conference as we're now facing over 100k in debt.

Several members of the community have asked how they could help, so we're setting up this GoFundMe to facilitate that.

The pandemic threw all that into chaos. We moved online to continue serving the community, which kept the lights on but did nothing to help with the debt, forcing us to juggle it to keep going.

We thought we'd be able to bounce back in 2021, but alas, no. We did ok but still weren't servicing the debt. We made more adjustments in the face of this new, new reality.

2022 proved that we still hadn't adjusted enough, and at the end of the day, coming back to in-person with two tracks vs. one proved too much. We ran out of runway. There was nothing left to juggle.

We're more than $100k in debt after carrying this so long and looking for help in keeping 360|iDev going.

Donations above and beyond the initial ask will continue to go toward paying the company's debt.


  • Jean-Francois Dion
    • $25 
    • 2 yrs
  • Anonym
    • $500 
    • 2 yrs
  • David Barnard
    • $100 
    • 2 yrs
  • Evan Stone
    • $50 
    • 2 yrs
  • Richard Turton
    • $100 
    • 2 yrs


John Wilker
Denver, CO

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