Coronavirus Economic Recovery Incentive Program

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Coronavirus Economic Recovery Consumer Incentive Program
(A Partnership Between The Business Community and We The People)

Save A Life, Save Your Business For $1 Per Day

Save A Life, Help Save Our Economy For A Chance To Win $1,000,000.00 Per Day

Our nation is in a state of peril AND there’s no national strategic action plan
No guarantee an effective coronavirus vaccine can be developed
THIRTY MILLION remain unemployed with tens of thousands of layoffs occurring daily
Millions are facing food insecurity, eviction, bankruptcies and other perils
Permanent closures of millions of small businesses and thousands of others
Over 210K of our family, friends, colleagues, neighbors have died with many more projected deaths AND amid this pandemic, political leaders and factions are not even speaking to each other


Our Coronavirus Economic Recovery & Consumer Incentive Program is a proposed strategic partnership and collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Phase I requires participating businesses to fund (Exhibits 1 & 2) the consumer incentives program and individuals to financially support the participating businesses through purchases.

This urgent need has arisen because of an inability of politicians to set aside the angry identity politics crippling our national response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, which is the greatest public crisis our nation has faced since the 1918 Influenza pandemic that occurred in 102 years ago.

The goal of the partnership is to incentivize consumers into good behavior; mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing and other prescribed behaviors as outlined by qualified our nation’s most qualified infectious disease experts absent of political influence.  

Our nation’s survival is dependent upon each of us playing a critical role in remediating the coronavirus pandemic running rampant in our nation while other nations have managed to control the outbreak in their respective nations absent the angry identity politics.

Angry identify politics as injected in our daily lives by politicians that purposely seeks to pits one of us against another for the sole purpose of a politician’s self-aggrandizement. During the coronavirus pandemic, angry identity politics, in numerous occurrences has led to criminal behavior resulting in non-coronavirus deaths & countless acts of other criminal behavior and acts discrimination not to mention the over 230K deaths directly related to the coronavirus and its deadly effects. 

It is painfully clear the political leadership in our nation will not and cannot solve this crisis without the public and private sectors collective participation. If we are being truly honest with ourselves, each of us knows those at fault for our nation’s current state of chaos and ever increasing deaths of our fellow human beings as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The seeds of mistrust were planted very early on at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic solely for the purpose of gaining political advantages and have grown out of control like Poison Ivy infecting all intrigued enough to investigate its origin. As such, with regards to the public’s response to Covid-19 it won’t matter who wins the November 2020 US elections because fifty percent of the population will be on opposites sides of adhering to qualified scientific coronavirus remediation guidelines.

It’s an acknowledged fact supported by the medical and scientific communities that if everyone wore a mask and adhered to other related Covid-19 safety protocols, that the U.S could rid our nation of the coronavirus in 8-12 weeks. Our strategic action plan is the only viable remedy in fighting Covid-19 that can compel people to adhere to doing the simple things such as wearing a mask and social distancing to focus on something other than angry identity politics.

As has occurred in the past, what if there’s no effective vaccine developed for Coronavirus!

With your participation and just $1 per day, our nation can be on the road to complete economic recovery within a matter of weeks!

Providing a substantial daily monetary incentive to consumers for a period of up to 12-months for adhering to scientifically based good behavioral traits for coronavirus mitigation allows all involved to refocus negative energy on The Incentive (Cash) rather than the angry identity politics.

The only question now is what are we as individuals and collectively willing to do to put our nation on a corrective economic course, first for the good of our nation and then each of us as individuals!

For our coronavirus recovery action plan to be successful, we seek your support as follows:

Consumer Requirements:
     1. Use pandemic tracking app and related technology
     2. Register on related social media site Menagerie Media 
     3. Patronize participating businesses
     4. Adhere to medically and scientifically based remediation requirements
     5. Adhere to program rules
     6. Patronize participating businesses for needed products & services  
Business Requirements:
     1. Use pandemic tracking app and related technology
     2. Register on related social media site Menagerie Media 
     3. Fund incentives program (by state)
     4. Cash prize will be limited to total donations by businesses within each state
     5. Adhere to scientifically based remediation requirements
     6. Fund Phase II of our strategic partnership collaboration on social justice issues
     7. Adhere to program rules


Phase I funding requirement (Participating business per state):
     1. Implementation Costs $1,500,000
     2. Consumer Incentive Program Costs $1,000,000 per day
          A. Funding formula(s)
                a. Annual
                    1. Bus. Per St X St Impacted X Daily Donation X 365 Days = Cash Incentive
                b. Daily
                    1. Bus. Per St X St Impacted X Daily Donation X 1 Day = Cash Incentive
          B. Target business participation level – 20K per state x $1 min. per day x 365

Note: Funding donations also accepted from individuals as well as local, state & federal governments! Local, state & federal governments can also pre-fund $7.3MM for state's business community and request reimbursement from donations contributed by participating businesses within applicable pre-funding state.

Phase II Funding Requirements:

Excess Funding

All funding that exceeds our $1MM daily goal will be used to implement Phase II of our Coronavirus Economic Recovery & Consumer incentive Program action plan.


Phase II of our action plan continues our focus on a strategic partnership between the public and private sectors to implement social justice programs to end poverty and thereby facilitating self-resolution of the plethora of interconnected, interrelated and underlying social justice ills.

By piggybacking on the goodwill created between the public and private sectors in combating the coronavirus pandemic, we believe that much can be accomplished in the realm of social justice.

Our goal is to focus our efforts on the below social justice issues with the understanding that solving those identified herein, will facilitate self-resolution of the plethora of interconnected, interrelated and underlying social justice ills.

Your participation and excess funding will directly fund our efforts to implement the following:

Debt-Free College Debt-Relief 
Job Guarantee-Full Employment 
Comprehensive Immigration Reform 
Universal Healthcare 
National Childcare 
Rainy Day Fund 
Public Banking

Economic Windfall For Participating Businesses

Inherent in our national coronavirus economic recovery strategy is a $1.6 trillion mutually incentivized public-private economic stimulus program that requires no government involvement. Earning an unlimited share of this windfall for your business requires participation in both Phases of our strategic action plan as outlined herein.

Exhibit 1


Exhibit 2



  • LaWanda Crawford 
    • $7 
    • 11 mos
  • Kirsy Jacobo 
    • $365 
    • 11 mos
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