Justice For Corey Kanosh

Corey Dee Kanosh was shot and killed by Millard County Sheriff's Deputy Dale Josse, on the night of October 15, 2012, in the foothills just southeast of the Kanosh Band Reservation Community in Kanosh, UT.

As of November 2014 Corey's case has been at a momentary stand still.  We have a strong case of injustice here. Corey's family is still seeking justice for his wrongful death. After Corey was shot, police protocol is to preserve life. Millard County Sheriff's Office failed to give Corey a chance to live ,as they left him outside, laying on the ground close to a hour before they allowed the First Responders on to the scene. Within the first half hour after Corey was shot it was confirmed by telephone from the local hospital that Life Flight was initiated only to be cancelled minutes later. Police flooded the crime scene immediately, Corey was still alive. No CPR was administered due to the lack of latex gloves, and the only medical emergency that left the scene that night was for the deputy who shot Corey. Deputy Dale Josse was attacked by the police K-9 shortly after he shot Corey. Statements provided by Deputy Mike Peacock said as he was attending to Josse when his K-9 "mistaked" the two officers as the suspects. As mentioned before the officers did not attempt CPR and when the first responders we finally allowed onto the scene officer Scott Cory gave direct orders "Do Not Resuscitate." It is believed that Corey was murdered for protecting himself from a officer who was brutually assaulting him then denied medical attention to prevent him from recovering. Thus, not given the right to defend himself and his side of the story.

There are many and many of inconsistences in the whole story from Millard County Sheriff's Department on what lead up the moment of Corey being shot. The driver of the car that Corey was a passenger in said it was only 10 seconds after he has fled from the car when he heard two back to back gunshots and when he heard Corey's cries of agony. The driver continued to run afrad Corey was attacking him. Therefore, afraid for his life he shot Corey from waist height as he pulled his gun out from his holster. Coreys wounds both entered outside in into his life side. Both bullets did not rupture any majo organs or arteries. Corey's arm was broke from the bullet. How can it be that Corey was fighting if his arm was broke? 

Corey was denied his human right to live. Even though Millard County Sheriff's Department says the officer was in fear of his life when Corey allegedly began to fight with the deputy. The main focus for this much needed lawsuit is because Millard County Sheriff's Department denied Corey proper medical treatment. A sheriff's deputy confirmed Corey's death, not a medical professional. It is believed that Millard County Sheriff's Department is acting out a "Cover-Up" for this sheriff deputy's mistake. Millard County Sheriff's Department has been involved in cover-up's before under the advisement of Sheriff Robert Dekker, of Delta, Utah.

Corey leaves behind a son, Robert. He is two years old and this donation account is to help provide money to fund this demand for justice. Not just for Corey but to help prevent Utah and mostly Millard County Sheriff's Department from ever taking another life that was valuable to many.

Thank you. Please visit: Justice For Corey Kanosh on Facebook.


Marlee Kanosh Shallenberger ( Corey's Sister)



Corey Dee Kanosh

12/12/1976 – 10/15/2012

Corey Dee Kanosh was taken from us on the night of October 15th, 2012, near the Kanosh Paiute Reservation, Kanosh, UT. Corey was born December 12th, 1976 to Marlene Pikyavit Kanosh & the late Milo Dee Kanosh at the Sevier Valley Hospital, Richield, UT.

Corey is the grandson of Mildred & the late Chief McKay Pikyavit, Kanosh, UT.; the late Deere & Edurine Jake Kanosh, Richfield, UT.; Viola & the late Nober Tom Zuniga, Cedar City, UT.; the late Joe & Emily Pikyavit, Kanosh, UT.; and the late Chief Crockett & Florence Timmican Kanosh, Richfield, UT.

Corey attended grade school in Fillmore, UT.; and graduated with his peers at the Alternative Learning Center in Delta, UT. Corey continued his education in the Arts at the Sevier Valley Tech in Richfield, UT. Corey's undying love for Art continued throughout the rest of his time on earth. Corey was well known for his work in painting, pencil drawing, traditional Native American art & crafts. Corey's work earned many art contest awards throughout the years, with many of his work being sold.

Corey was well known throughout the Southern Paiute Nation Communities all of Utah, Nevada, & Arizona. Corey was a traditional Paiute Salt Song Singer and went to all of the Paiute Communities to sing for those whom have passed on. Corey was also a Champion Men's Traditional Dancer, his unique style of dancing earned him much respect throughout all Pow-wow Circuits in the Western United States.

Corey is preceded in death by his daughter, Myleigh Marlene Kanosh; Uncles: Maylon Pikyavit, McKay Ladd Pikyavit, Dwayne Pikyavit, Donnie Kanosh, Kennard King Kanosh, Wilbur Kanosh, Earl Pikyavit, Johnny Jake Sr. & Clifford Jake. Aunts: Jenny Kanosh John, Darlene Mayo Castro, Louise Pikyavit Bushhead, Madelan Pikyavit Redfoot, Shirley Jake Bowman, Geneva Jake & and many others.

Corey leaves behind an infant son, Robert Kanosh, of the Skull Valley Goshute Reservation, UT.; Mother, Marlene Pikyavit; brother, Greg Anderson, and sister, Marlena Kanosh all of Kanosh, UT; brother, Kenny Kanosh, Cedar City, UT; and Jerald Kanosh, Memphis, TN; and 4 nephews and 4 nieces; and many more family.

Hundreds of people, representing many Tribal Nations gathered at the Kanosh Band Community Center in Kanosh, UT, on Friday, October 19th & Saturday, October 20th to send Corey off the traditional Paiute way, singing all night until sunrise, where Corey finally made his decent into the hands of our Creator.

Corey was a humble man. He only needed the basics to be happy. He loved his nieces and nephews dearly. Corey will never be forgotten and his spirit will always be with us and live strong in the Pow-wow circles. Just as the sky may snow, we will always know the sun will shine again. Keep Dancing Corey.


Details of the incident is yet to be explained to the Family.

What the family does know:
1. Sheriff Robert Dekker told the news media car was reported stolen, Car was NOT stolen.
2. Sheriff Dekker told the news media Corey was driving, Corey was NOT driving.
3. Unnecessary chase. There's no escaping Rural Millard County, especially in rugged Terrain in a little 1992 Chevy Cavalier.
4. Deputy Josse was right behind the car during chase, but still Sheriff Robert Dekker claims video was out of range.
5. Approx 10:28 pm Car was high centered, ending chase, driver Dana Harnes bails and flees on foot. Corey stayed in the car. But, Sheriff Dekker tells news media they both ran.
6. After running approximately 20 feet (approximately 11 seconds), Dana heard 2 gunshots, back to back. (that was a fast altercation)
7. Sheriff Dekker tells media that Corey was tasered, but there were no visible taser marks.
8. Sheriff Dekker tells media Corey recovered enough to get into an altercation with Deputy Josse, somehow getting on top of the Deputy.
9. 2nd Deputy Michael Peacock with K9 arrives on scene approximately 5 minutes after chase ends. K9 turns on his handler, Deputy Peacock is treated at the Fillmore Medical Center, Fillmore, UT.
10. Dana, after running in the dark and through terrain is all scratched up and bruised the next day. If Corey ran, as Sheriff Dekker claims, Corey would've had scratches and bruises, caused by running and falling a few times through the same terrain. Corey had no scratches or bruises on his body. (remember all this happened with in 11 seconds after driver bails on foot)
11. At the Traditional Paiute Services on Oct 20th, 2012, bruises on both wrists start to appear.
12. Millard County made call to other agencies claiming Dana was armed, when COREY NOR DANA WAS ARMED, causing a major nightmare on the Paiute Community. Outside Law Enforcement, SWAT Teams, Search & Rescue, Helipcopter, and other agencies Flooded the small Kanosh Band Community.
13. Millard County Sheriff's Office fails to Barricade the scene. Scene was totally compromised for at least 2 hours before outside agency (Utah County) arrives. Place where car was high centered was not marked off. Place where Corey's body laid was not marked off.
14. Oct 16 @ 3 am, Sheriff Dekker finally comes down from the scene to notify mother of the death of her son. No explanation given. Sheriff Dekker said he would come back to talk, but never does. BUT, he tells the News Media first hand of what happened. Family is left to learn about the incident on the TV and to speculate.



Marlee Kanosh
Cedar City, UT

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