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Corey Allen and Yeon-Su Kim Family Support Fund

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On Thanksgiving at around 1 pm, Corey, Yeon-Su, and their daughter Lux went sea kayaking from a beach near Rocky Point, Mexico. Very strong winds came up. Corey took his daughter to safety on-shore and went back out to help Yeon-Su. The strong winds and currents made their return to shore impossible, and neither they nor their kayaks have been found as of Sunday morning.
A full-scale search has been underway since 6 pm Thanksgiving Day. Volunteers and public search and rescue agencies have mounted land, sea, and air searches.
Funds will be used initially to support the search and rescue efforts, especially air search needs. Funds beyond those needed for the search will be used to support Corey and Yeon-Su's children.
Please give what you can.
The family supports and has given permission to post this GoFundMe page.

AT THE REQUEST OF GOFUNDME.COM, I am adding the following information:
1) I am a family friend. Anyone who wants more credentials can message me.
2) Donated funds will be used to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses for volunteers helping with the search, beyond those that they wish to volunteer. This may involve fuel, plane, or vehicle expenses, as determined by a local search coordinator working with family on-site. Any person with such expenses is also invited to contact me directly via this page. As indicated in updates, we will use funds first to pay for search expenses. If and when the search ends and no expenses are being incurred, funds will be put into an account set up to help with the educational and other future needs of Corey and Yeon-Su's children.
3) Funds will be initially transferred to a designated bank account, as they are needed, for use by the family.
Any other questions? Please message me.


Lisa Aumack
Flagstaff, AZ

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