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Growing up in a small town, one of the most exciting, motivating and challenging activities I did was riding & racing my bike. At 13 years old I had no idea what my passion would lead to, but throughout the 10 years I have been doing this sport I have learned more lessons about the world, people and myself than I have doing any other activity.
From racing World Cups to riding the local trails mountain biking continues to fuel the fire inside me to look for more and to push myself beyond my mental and physical boundaries. More than anything, I now feel it is my obligation right now to inspire others who are facing challenges to overcome, and grow in times of hardship.
In 2020 I made a silly mistake... I ended up overshooting a jump and hitting a tree so hard that I shattered my femur and cracked my hip. The doctor said it was similar to a gunshot wound from how many pieces my femur was in. 1 month and 1 week after my surgery I was riding my road bike around Victoria. 3 months after surgery I rode my DH bike again for the first time. It took a few months of working out the kinks but through physio and bike riding I was able to be completely pain free and back to the strength I had before my injury in less than a year.
After overcoming a serious crash / injury, I was ready to get back to the regularly scheduled program of racing in 2021 but after feeling off for a few months, I noticed my lymph nodes being super swollen and tender which lead to the process of getting diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma. This seriously messed up my racing for the year, but in a lot of ways it immediately gave me the some relief that I wasn't over-training or doing something wrong on my end but an overarching issue was coming through and dragging me down. In August first I began ABVD Chemotherapy. I am scheduled for 12 treatments spanning over 6 months. Writing this on October 11th, I am 6/12 treatments through , HALFWAY!!
Through the chemo process I have remained active and healthy. Always remembering to rest but also taking advantage of everyday, I feel the energy and strength to do the things I love, whether its biking, weight lifting, motocross, running, or surfing. I am feeling more and more mentally empowered as I go through this process, and through the trials and tribulations I have felt when I finish this chapter of my life I truly believe there wont be much more that can knock me down harder than the physical & mental challenges I have faced. I am grateful to have amazing sponsors and family that will have my back into the 2022 race season so I can continue chasing my dream and get back to where I left off, healthier, stronger and with more lessons about myself than most kids in their 20s might learn in their lifetime.
I want to inspire and encourage others from November 4th - November 7th to get out, set a goal, and overcome the challenges they have to face, mentally, physically, emotionally. I will be doing a Triple Crown bike ride (Ride up and down three different mountains in one area without any motorized transport) on one of the days. For me the timing of this ride between treatments is crucial for my energy and staying strong enough for treatment the following Monday, so I have given myself and everyone else a window to do this in! In the past we have done 5 crown rides, but given the toll chemo has taken on my long distance endurance, my goal of 3 mountains will give me something to push hard to reach! I welcome others to join me on my ride but also encourage everyone to set a goal for themselves doing something they are most passionate about!
For Example:
  • Running 10k
  • Swimming 30 lengths of the pool
  • Walking up a local mountain
  • Ice bath for 15 minutes
  • Double, Triple, 4, 5 crown hike/walk/ride
  • Ride 50km on a road bike
  • 1000 Push ups
  • 10000 Steps in a day.
Anything type of physical activity that you can set a defined goal for!
There is no goal to big or too small I believe, as long as it is something you enjoy doing that you can find that extra bit of passion to do more than you normally would!
Through my entire racing career, the late great Stevie Smith has inspired me more than any other athlete. Since Stevie's passing there was a foundation set up in his name that helps with Canadian and local based projects to fill the gaps that young aspiring MTB athletes need filled to get to the next level or to just introduce bikes to them for the first time. In 2016 before World Championships I was the first recipient of a grant from the Stevie Smith foundation to help get me to Val Di Sole, Italy, where I ended up 2nd place in Junior Men to fellow Canadian Finn Iles. Now I want to help fuel the hopes of other young athletes and cyclists to reach towards their dreams the same way the Steve Smith foundation helped launch me forward in mine! Unfortunately no raffles, sweepstakes, giveaways, or returns on investment are offered in exchange for any donations made to your GoFundMe. All proceeds will go to the Steve Smith legacy Foundation donation managers (Gabe Fox & Michelle Corfield) and the funds will be managed by the foundation to support young Canadian  cyclist, and/or provide maintenance/upgrade for existing cycling infrastructure.
  • If you can't donate: Share this link and talk about it with others! Inspire someone who is going through a tough time by doing something thats hard for you too! Hashtag #ConquerYourChallenge when you set your goal for the activity you most want to do and complete it!
  • If you can donate: In the comment section of the donation process leave a short description of the goal you are going to complete. Once you complete your event send an email to the GoFundMe email, with some kind of confirmation of you goal/challenge (Strava route, Garmin route, photo or video of activity) with a short description of what you learned from pushing towards that goal, who you are doing your goal for (It can be yourself!) and how it made you feel to overcome that challenge!
I don't want cancer to define my life. I want cancer to help teach me more about myself and what I am actually able to overcome and change despite the mental and physical challenges pulling against me. When I get through the task of removing cancer from my body, I have no doubts I will be smarter and stronger than I was before. I want everyone facing adversity in their life to never give up, appreciate what they have, and always have a goal thats just a bit uncomfortable to fight towards.
Be resilient.
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