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"Communicate!" SRA Ministries' ESL Program

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About half of Dallas' 516,000 Hispanics are immigrants (43 percent of 1.2 million). Naturalized citizens make up 19% of the population, while permanent residents make up 25%. Latinos make up the most significant and fastest-growing migrant community in Dallas and the metroplex. More people are relocating to the Metroplex daily in quest of opportunities to succeed in life and feel productive in a friendly environment.
SRA Ministries assists migrants and permanent residents in developing the necessary communication skills in English. A person's ability to Listen (understand), Speak, Read, and Write in a specific language represents their level of language acquisition. Our lessons provide participants with English by focusing on those four most important and necessary language skills. As a result, we help them in realizing their life goals.
With your help, we will be able to offer our services and achieve our objectives in the following ways:
  • Affording the rental of space where we are currently presenting our classes.
  • Providing scholarships to participants who cannot afford our basic course registration fee.
  • Facilitating training and conferences on how to prepare and look for work opportunities.
  • Assisting individuals in understanding and immersing in new social and cultural experiences.
  • Helping parents understand the educational system so that they can support their children.
  • Providing a modest "thank-you" stipend at the end of each semester to our volunteer teachers.
  • Creating, reproducing, and distributing learning materials to support the learning experience.
  • Generating graduation certificates and delivering a graduation ceremony at the end of the year.
Teaching English as a Second Language has become a way to help people of all ages feel with a purpose and a motive in life, feel productive, and contribute to society to the best of their hability.
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Thank you! God Bless.


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