Coming together for Billy

My beloved 14-year-old companion Billy has fallen seriously ill and we are calling upon you for help in assisting with his much-needed medical care. Any contribution is appreciated.

Our Story:
Growing-up I was never much of a dog person. This changed when Billy came into my life. 

Moving out on my own for the first time 14 years ago, I sought companionship and had a bit of room emotionally, ready finally to embrace having an animal in my life.  

I visited a reputed dog breeder which I learned about on television. I decided I really needed for that chemistry with my potential puppy to be just right. I drove 40 minutes north visiting two, three, four times but simply couldn't strike the right connection with any of the puppies I met.  

Deciding to give it one more go before abandoning my puppy plan, I gave it one more go. Despite there being several adorable puppies sectioned in pens pleading for attention, I noticed one little guy who kept getting shoved aside by his litter mates every time I tried finding an angle to get to him.

Finally outsmarting the pushy pups, I found my way to him. I brought him over to the table for a quick introduction and what I found refreshing about him was that he was calm unlike some of the other puppies I met who were shaking in distress.  I would look him in the eye and he'd turn his head toward the window. I'd turn my head towards the window to see what he was looking at and catch him staring back at me. This went on for a few minutes, incredibly endearing.  He would be the one for me and it didn't hurt that he simply was angelic, smelling of baby powder.

One small problem. I was living at home still with about a week or two left prior to my move into my first apartment and hadn't told my parents about my elaborate plan to raise a dog.  They definitely weren't pet people.

Like it or not, this little guy was going to be a part of our lives - if you will, the grandson I had no plans of giving them. A few days to break the news was all I needed.  So I had the breeder tie a little green ribbon around him so that I could identify him when I came back.  

I picked him up later that week, him whimpering the entire ride home, angry that I had taken him away from his cushy life with his litter mates who were dwindling by the day, as families fell in love with them and took them home on by one. 

Ultimately, my parents didn't handle it well.  He was a rascal, proving tough to potty train and very vocal in what was a quiet home. Nobody was going to stop us and I took a take it or leave it stance.

That puppy would go on to become Billy and I can't imagine what life would have been without him these past 14 years.  I've lived, I've laughed and I've cried and he has been there every step of the way for me.  He was there when nobody had heard of Mr. Will Wong and some of the joyous things the brand would go on to bring to others.  He was there through my own battle with Cancer ten years ago staying strong for me when I was weak and he was there to let me know things would be okay the first time I felt my own heart break. 

Billy has been a friend, a son and a support system to me. His heart knows only love and forgiveness. There were times I couldn't always be present for him but every time I come home he is just as happy to see me and every time I go his eyes tell me he is sad he can't come.  His pure heart is something I admire so much and wish I had more of myself.  Billy's proud walk - head up, chest and tongue out - is enough to brighten any stranger's day.

While my parents and I might not always agree on every matter, we agree that we love Billy very much and he in many ways has brought us closer in recent years. He has taught us compassion, making us find that bigger person within.

Billy has fallen ill.  A couple weeks ago I found him incredibly weak, bleeding internally and externally.  He has been reduced to a mere fraction of his spirited self and his veternarian has diagnosed him with an immune disease causing his own body to attack itself. In what has been a true test of patience to find the underlying cause of his sickness with numerous tests, medicine, examinations, follow-ups and x-rays have and will continue to be needed in the very immediate future. 

After being healthy for 14 years, I have been faced with the question of what I can afford to keep Billy healthy and it is an uncomfortable question to ask.

I do not like to ask for help,  I am stubborn, but for Billy I have had to find the courage to do so.

Billy's future is uncertain and this has renewed my perspective in valuing the time that I have left with him and I will never take this time for granted.

Billy always has fought for me and it is only right that I do the same for him to ensure he continues to have access to the best medical care he deserves.  

This next period ahead is crucial in nursing him back to health and as our friends, your generosity not only is appreciated but needed in any amount on this GoFundMe page.

Your contributions would be appreciated over the next month leading into September. All funds will be going towards Billy's medical expenses.

Your kindness and support so far has meant so much to us.  We are both shocked and affected deeply by the amount of support we have received. Please keep sending your love and positivity as we need it.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Will & billy
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