Clean Hands Video Fundraiser

Shalom Family, Friends and Fans!

I pray you and your family are well.  In these difficult times, many people are suffering from fear, anxiety and depression over loss of jobs, income, homes, and the ability to feed their families along with illness and the sudden loss of loved ones due to the pandemic.  In the absence of physical contact with loved ones, more people are turning to online prayer, meditation and inspirational music and videos for healing, comfort and upliftment.  On YouTube, for example, views of the video ‘Yah Yireh’ have doubled over the last year, which shows fans are hungry for more healing praise and worship reggae music in these times that gives glory to Yah's holy name.

Goals for 2022

For the next year, by the grace of El Shaddai, my goal is to create more ‘artist featured’ set-apart music videos like ‘Yah Yireh’ here in the holy land along with live streamed performances that will give hope and inspiration during these difficult times and beyond.

First Video Fundraiser:

The first video fundraiser is for the production of a professional video for the song ‘Clean Hands - Psalms 24’ from the Peace Process album this winter.  

The inspiration for the lyrics to this song came in the weeks preceding Yom Kippur about 3  years ago and the deep emotion of repentance that I was feeling at the time was poured into this song.  Of all my songs on the new album, this is one of the favorites that people are falling in love with.  

In this time of worldwide tribulation, Clean Hands is such an important reminder of the need to draw close to Elohim through prayer and return to holiness (teshuvah) - the upright and clean living - that He requires.

About the Video:

By Yah’s grace, the video would be filmed at the end of January 2022 in one of the absolutely breathtaking majestic mountainous desert regions of southern Israel by a professional videographer at film quality and with aerial (drone camera) capabilities.  

The video would feature at least 3 different scenes and landscapes in the area, with me singing, walking in the mountains, and scene(s) with my family and new band playing instruments - which is a total of 10 actors including myself.  

The budget for the video is $10,000 and the general timeline is filming and editing between end of January to the end of  February, 2022 and promotion and release between March-May 2022. 


By Yah's grace, $6,500 towards the production costs for the video of 'Clean Hands,’ has been contributed by a private donor, which includes fees to pay for the videographer, drone operator, editing and the wardrobe for a total of 10 people - the artist/family members/musicians (3 changes for the artist and 2 for family members). HalleluYah!!!  

Remaining Budget:

This leaves an amount of $3,500 still needed to cover remaining costs of production.  We need these funds by our tentative  filming date of December 30th, 2021.  These monies would go to pay for:

Musicians fees - $ 2,000 
Instruments - $ 500 (trumpet, harp, hand drum & other percussion instruments)
Transportation - $ 500 (van rental for 2 days)
Equipment  - $  200 (speaker, mobile hotspot, mobile charger)
Props  - $ 300 (rug, misc.)

How to Donate:

If you would like to support this project, here’s how you can give on these platforms:

GOFUNDME.COM:  Contribute to the ‘Clean Hands’ video fundraiser on GoFundMe today here or consider becoming a Patron.

PATREON.COM:  Become a monthly subscriber via Patreon at .  In 2022,  by the grace of Yah, 100+ monthly subscribers (patrons) will provide the consistent income to help sponsor new monthly livestreams and music videos filmed at various sites around the Holy Land, music promotion.

In return, patron VIP's will receive a host of cool benefits in return, such as free admission to all livestream events and behind the scenes content - starting with a livestream from the 'Clean Hands' video shoot - plus admission to Hebrew tutorials/classes, free music downloads, merchandise and more! 

Visit  to sign up or find out more.

If you have been blessed by my music, help me reach my goal of $3,500 or 100+ patrons by January 15th, 2021.

Thank you and may Yah bless and keep you and yours!




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