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Clay & Glazes for Abuko Pottery Center in Gambia

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Dear Friends, Supporters, and Art Enthusiasts,

My name is Gloria Cherny, and I work closely with Abuko Pottery Center in Gambia, Africa, supporting program development. We're excited to launch this campaign to support the aspiring artists of the Gambia's Abuko Pottery Center! We aim to empower these talented students with the essential materials to create stunning pottery – clay and glazes.

Why Clay and Glazes Matter:
Ceramics is not just an art form; it's a journey of creativity and self-expression. For our students at Abuko, it's a passion they're dedicated to mastering. However, obtaining the necessary clay and glazes is a constant challenge in this part of the world. Your generous contribution will:

  • Provide a consistent supply of top-quality clay for sculpting and shaping.
  • Offer a diverse range of glazes to ignite creativity and experimentation.
  • Ensure students have access to the materials they need to excel.

How You Can Help:
Your donation, regardless of size, will profoundly impact these young artists. Every dollar brings us closer to our fundraising goal and enables our students to pursue their dreams in ceramics.

Dedicated to My Ceramics Teacher:
I dedicate this fundraiser to my cherished ceramics teacher, Mr.G, who left us a legacy of passion and knowledge. His dedication to nurturing creativity through ceramics education inspired me, and I believe we can carry forward their spirit by helping Gambian students have access to clay and glazes.

Join Us in Making a Difference:
Let's unite as a community to support these passionate and talented individuals. Your support will help them refine their craft and preserve our cultural heritage.

Learn more about us at www.abukopotterycenter.com

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Gloria Cherny
Philadelphia, PA

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