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“I want to be the living example of the power of human generosity the recipient of pure human kindness!”

“Think about this, if the cancer is a rare cancer, then the treatment should be different than the standard protocol used for every cancer, which is always chemo, radiation and surgery. I think the treatment should be as rare and unique as the cancer. No wonder the results are terminal, their using standard therapy to treat a rare cancer. “

Just imagine receiving a diagnosis of terminal cancer. It’s a lot like watching a scene from a sad movie only it isn’t playacting, it’s real life and the main character is you. My name is Christine Krause.
I am the second eldest of 8 children. I am a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a sister, sister-in-law, cousin, known by many as Aunt Chrissy, Ahma , Christine - I am a child of God’s Universe, a tapdancer & a radio pundit. I adore the people in my world, I love dark chocolate, artichokes, my DNA, my fierce loyalty, my high expectations of the people I love, and always remembering in my heart, that I am my children’s Mom & my Mother’s daughter.

The doctors have given me a diagnosis of angiosarcoma which they say, will unmistakably be the cause of my death. My doctor said the diagnosis is terminal and less than 2% of the entire population of the world will fall victim to this rare, dreaded and always fatal disease called angiosarcoma.
Apparently, the medical community, according to my doctor, knows very little about angiosarcoma. There are very few studies, clinical trials or treatments except the standard protocol used for all cancers, which is Chemo, Radiation, Surgery. Over time I have had all three, chemo, radiation and surgery in my past efforts to battle cancer. My previous struggles although difficult, have ended favorably until now with the terminal diagnosis of angiosarcoma.

Needless to say, the news of my diagnosis is devastating, everyday I can’t imagine saying good-bye to the people I love. I feel truly lost & frightened and I am looking to my doctors to give me answers. My doctor felt we should start chemo right away, and so we did.
After a few months of chemo I experienced a shrinking of the tumor. I felt
hopeful, elated as if my prayers were answered and we were on the right track. Then a new tumor began growing just behind my knee, growing more rapidly with tremendous pain. The experience is horribly frightening and confusing. I have so many unanswered questions. Why is the chemotherapy not working? Where do you turn if your doctor doesn’t have the answers?

After talking to my oncologist, the decision was made to try a more powerful chemo drug that again would hopefully shrink the new tumor. Still, with or without chemo, my diagnosis doesn’t change. He says I am a terminal Cancer patient, with no cure in sight. He has already given up on me which begs the question, “Does chemo ever cure anyone?” “Who does it help?” Is chemo the right protocol, especially if it isn’t working. Why am I taking these toxic chemicals if they aren’t going to kill the cancer and keep me alive. Exactly what am I doing? Should I listen to an oncologist who waves his hand to give me a death sentence, a doctor who offers no options? Am I suppose to accept his “pearls of wisdom” and keep taking a therapy that obviously isn’t working, a therapy that is destroying my immune system , a therapy that has no hope. Should I just sit back and wait for death to knock at my door?

I might not be the brightest star in the sky but logic tells me to stop listening to the nay sayers! Think about this, if the cancer is a rare cancer, then the treatment should be different than the standard protocol used for every cancer, which is always chemo, radiation and surgery. I think the treatment should be as rare and unique as the cancer. No wonder the results are terminal, their using standard therapy to treat a rare cancer.

MY MOTHER SAID “IF EVERYONE JUMPS OFF A CLIFF, DOES THAT MEAN YOU WILL FOLLOW?” She also said, “Where there is life, there is hope!” My mother taught me to NEVER give up, to confront my strengths and my weaknesses and truly know myself to find an answer to whatever the question at hand. It became clear to me that I need to find my courage to push beyond the fear and become more resourceful. I need to love myself enough to question the authorities, become knowledgeable about cancer and not surrender my life to a protocol that isn’t working. The only way to do that is to question the existing system, the system and the doctors that I am suppose to trust to have answers.
And so my adventure begins. My mission to stay alive is filled with discovery, truth and possibility.
I believe after much research, conversations, discovery and prayer that I have found several possibilities of treatment that work for many cancer patients across the globe. I have spent hours of research to discover the overall cost and timing of these treatments.
One of the greatest therapies out there is called Rigvir Virotherapy it is perhaps one of the most unique scientific discoveries to eliminate cancer. In addition, I spoke with the Hope4Cancer Institute. They carry the Rigvir Virotherapy. I spoke directly to them and they have set forth a treatment regimen that will
allow me to begin the process of getting back on track to being cancer free and healthy. Like everything of value there is a price for treatment. The difference between the treatments listed below and standard protocol of Chemo, Radiation and surgery is found in the results.
The therapies listed below have been proven to cure and heal many cancer patients across the globe.

I am thrilled that I have options. Options that have been tried by many cancer patients. However, I need financial help to start the ball rolling. These non-traditional therapies are NOT COVERED by my insurance. Yet, many patients have overcome their fatal diagnosis by using these therapies. That is where I need the help of all the generous people supporting GoFundMe. As difficult as it is for me to ask for help, I need your generous donation in order to pay for these therapies. My Cancer is Terminal, traditional medicine is not helping, GoFundMe is truly my last hope, my only resort. I need help from perfect strangers to take the next step. I need help from perfect strangers to overcome Cancer and live.

My goal is to beat Cancer and to raise money for all my treatments.  Can you donate to help me reach my goal?”
It is hard to imagine that most insurances are designed to cover only standard protocols, chemo, radiation and surgery. My insurance is no different than most and will only cover treatments that don’t work and are not effective, such as chemotherapy.
Please help me reach my goal. I want to live to see my kids raise their
families and to continue nurturing and loving the people God has placed in my path. I want to spread the word about cancer therapies that work . I want to be the messenger that lives to tell the story and acknowledges how one person can make a huge difference. I want to live to help wake up the medical community to embrace non-traditional cancer therapies . I want to live to be the example to the medical community that standard protocol should include non traditional therapies. I want to live to see insurance companies cover non-traditional therapies making them available to millions of people suffering from this disease. I want to live to see cancer be eradicated by 2020. I want to be the living example of the power of human generosity the worthy recipient of pure human kindness!

Thank you for your donation. I am genuinely grateful.
I have chosen to live and you know what they say  “Once you make a decision, the Universe Conspires to Make it Happen.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson
The possibilities are truly endless…
God Bless You,
In peace and perfect health for everyone.

Below please find a list of Cancer therapies that are being used and are working to save hundreds of lives each and every day.
It brings me great pleasure to list the possible therapies here.

Rigvir Virotherapy – New Era in Cancer Treatment
Virotherapy is claimed around the world as one of the firm primary therapy types, that can be more effective, safer, and patient-caring than the cancer treatment methods known until now.
This medicine is indicated for treatment of a very aggressive forms of cancer. After entering the human body this medicine effectively find and destroys cancer cells, while not harming healthy cells. The negative effects of traditional chemotherapy or radiation, as we all know, can be very destructive, as along with unhealthy cells, they destroys healthy cells as well. Virotherapy method does not have such side effects. Virotherapy is a gentle and safe treatment it improves survival and the quality of life.
RigVir is not known to cause any human disease. It has never mutated in the 40 years it has been used to treat cancer and it is not genetically engineered.

PNC-27 is an anticancer peptide that kills cancer cells by binding to a tumor marker that is present only on the surface of cancer cells, not healthy cells. Product is delivered intravenously in the clinic, and by suppositories

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, a protocol that uses sound and light
to activate a non-toxic, sub-lingually taken photosensitizer that concen- trates in cancer cells and targets them on activation

Eliminate Microbes/Pathogens.
Medical evidence suggests that cancer is a disease partly caused by infectious agents (principally fungi, viruses, bacteria). Treatments incorporate targeting of cancer-related pathogens.

Oxygenation. An oxygen-starved environment is typical for cancers, as the cells thrive and grow in hypoxic conditions. Our oxygenation thera- pies include rectal or intra-venous ozone, ozonated water, or liquid oxy- gen, besides direct oxygen supply.
Indiba Hyperthermia Treatment
Near Infra Red Sauna Treatment

Assessment Tools, Non-Invasive

Identification of the “cancer terrain”: the state of the cells, tissues, organs and organ systems that formed the framework where the cancer emerged in the first place must be identified and treated to truly eliminate the cancer. Our assessment tools are geared to identify these whole body health
parameters and nutritional deficiencies and find ways to overcome the identified issues.

High Resolution Color Power Doppler Ultrasound
Alfa Thermodiagnostics.


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