The Long Road Back To Flying "work"

Hello everyone, my name is Cindy Mott. I am a long time Flight Attendant for Delta Air Lines.   I live in  Dearborn, Michigan.  I returned from a long Asia trip (August 15 2014) and was taking a nap with  my dog.  When I woke to answer the phone my feet had apparently fallen asleep.  I took two steps in a pair of Crocs and tripped stubbing both toes, rolling my feet under my body .  And yes it was a very creepy experience as both ankles were broken instantly.   Left ankle in two places, the right ankle completely shattered.  While I dropped to the floor, all I thought was Oh my God, this is going to cause me to miss work for a long time.  I was just getting back on my feet financially from taking several months off work to care for my Mom, who I lost to cancer.  I will never regret the quality time I got to spend with her while keeping her at home, even though I spent half my (small) retirement savings.  Well,  after a few hospital stays and four ankle surgeries on my right ankle my Doctor thought I would be able to go back to work in 8 or 9 months.  I lived in a wheelchair and I finished a lot of physical therapy.  
            Unfortunately, my ankle would not heal and was finally diagnosed with Osteonecrosis.  Basically, the bone died and would not heal.  Doctors wanted to fuse my foot solid. I was told to get a desk job. Another doctor said to take flying out of my vocabulary.  I am one of the lucky people who love my job so I sought out another Orthopedic Ankle Specialist, Dr. Fortin.  He was willing to realign my bones to accomadate a total ankle replacement.  No simple surgery.  That was last June and now after many Dr. appointments, wheelchairs, casts, splints, special boots, and more physical threapy, I am walking again.   And best of all ready to return to work.
            I wasn't able to attend the only requalification class in December (starting on Dec. 1st).  The next class isn't until next month.  I will be there on January 11, 2016 for training and back to work.  I will work easier trips at first but look forward to getting back to all trips, and getting the raises we recieved while I was out.
           Now for my current situation.  I no longer receive any disability and have no income (except for my son Rob who pays me rent) for these few months until I start getting paychecks.  I have used all of my savings including retirement, 401k etc.  I borrowed from all my family and friends who could help me.  I have also placed ads and flyers for work, cooking, driving, shopping, wrapping, delivering etc with very little response.  
          I am at a very scary and desperate place financially.  I have a forebearance with my mortgage company that let me make very small payments for a whole year which ends soon,  and then I will owe a balloon payment which I'm hoping to roll into a new mortgage modification loan.  If not I may/will lose my home.  Actually what is more pressing are my basic bills like utilities, insurance, phone, gas, a few small credit cards, loans and some bills, which come due every three months like health insurance.  I am out of money.
           My son Rob has helped care for me, he has been a Godsend through all of this.  Beyond what I ever expected.  He  works part time and goes to school and can't help anymore than he already does. 
          Figuring a way to make it is all I think about.  I wake up with a tight feeling in my chest and I am so anxious all the time, day and night.  It is very humbling to ask for this kind of help as I have worked since I was 14 and for the airlines for more than 37 years.  This was a friends idea (months ago) and I have resisted it until now.
           All of my bills are due now or last month.  So any help I receive will go to what needs to be paid first.  Of course things like heat and lights are important and health insurance... and everything.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm just not quite there.  I  would be so thankful to anyone who can help at all.  Anything will help go toward my long journey back, I am almost there.         
           If I can just make it through the next couple months I will be home free and can repay my friends and family.  Then I will pay it forward and do what I can for people who find themselves in a position like this.
         I really am in dire straights.  Thank you for reading this.  And if you can thanks for any help, I truly am grateful.  Thank You , Cindy


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Cynthia Turkali Mott
Dearborn, MI

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