Cincinnati Shluchim Programs 5782

The Shluchim.
The Rebbe’s vision of Shluchim to Yeshivos is to have older Bochurim that are a “Living Example” of Learning, Yiddishkeit, Chasidishkeit.
What do 'Cincinnati's Shluchim' do?
The Shluchim are here caring for the physical and obviously spiritual needs of the Bochurim especially with extra-curricular projects, such as:
Mivtzahs throughout the year, which includes encouraging the Bochurim to learn an entire Mesechta Gemara and 5 FULL krochim of Likkutei Sichos!
Chassidishe Yomim Tovim Events, Shabbaton, Mivtzoim (Weekly and during Tishrei, Chanukah, Pesach), Shabbos Seder, Mikvah Shifts, Seder Sichos, Kovetz Ha'aros and much more.
We turn to YOU!
Part of our budget has been covered B”H, by Yeshivah, family members of The Shluchim, and friends; However, a big part of the costs remains on our shoulders.
In addition, funds will be going towards future activities throughout the Summer.
Please choose a donation option suitable for you from the list below, and please help us as much as you can!
Join us in empowering the next generation of Temimim!
Friend: $56
Supporter: $180
Partner: $360
Sponsor A Shluchim Trip: $770
Mivtza Bein hazmanim: $1,800

Mivtza Yud Alef Nisan- 120 Years!: $3,200
Mivtza Torah Dedication: $4,500
We really appreciate your partnership,
The Shluchim.
    • $10 
    • 12 hrs
  • Levi Simpson 
    • $18 
    • 22 hrs
  • Anonymous 
    • $54 
    • 1 d
  • Aron Kapelowitz 
    • $500 (Offline)
    • 4 d
  • Chaim Yankelevitch 
    • $18 (Offline)
    • 4 d
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Cincinnati Shluchim 
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Donations are typically 100% tax deductible in the US.