Cinammin's Shave for Jade

It's so incredibly awesome what we have managed to achieve so far! We are all so grateful for all the amazing support and donations from everyone! Stu and myself are both set to get the clippers out on the 25th of August but we want to reach one last goal to end what has already been an incredible fundraiser with a huge bang! We would absolutely love to reach $3000 for Jade and her amazing little family! So please if you can donate to our campaign or give it a share to get the word out there, we are so close to thee end let's reach it with a bang!!
Wow you guys have totaly blown us all away! So much so we have raised the goal to $2000 AND my friends partner Stuart has put his hand up to shave his beard when we reach 2k!!

Stuart has known Jade since she was little, saying she was just like a little sister and has grown up with her whole family and extended family.

This really is amazing guys! Keep spreading the word and opening your hearts.

Thank you SO much to everyone who has helped us reach our first goal I am so excited that we are all able to help and support Jade and her beautiful family! 
I am in shock that we have reached the original goal and it hasn't even been 24 hours tho! 

So we have raised the goal because we don't want to stop there we want to keep going and raise as much as we possibly can for this amazing family! I am keeping my word and I'll still be shaving my head on the 25th of Aug because we reached our goal of $1000.00 but let's keep going and reach our new goal limit.

Hi my name is Cinammin and I am raising money and awareness for a fellow school mum named Jade who has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Jade is a young mum of 3 boys with a partner who works full time and then some.

In Early April 2017 Jade was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, right before her youngest sons 1'st birthday.

In early June I was bed ridden with food poisoining unable to look after my own children without the help of my mum.

While laying in my bed I began to give my self a pep talk about others who had it so much worse then myself.
Jade was the first person to cross my mind.

I would be better in a few days, Jade however will be sick for the best part of a year trying her hardest to fight this horrible disease.

That is how my idea to shave my own head to help raise money, awareness and provide hair for wigs came about.

Unfortunately for Jade she had to go straight for the Chemotherapy option as doing radiation ran such a high risk of her developing breast and or lung cancer.

Jades partner works as much as he can and has very supportive bosses but on Jades really bad week, the week after her Chemo her partner must take time off work unpaid. 
Jade has to undergo chemo every two weeks, this means every two weeks her partner has to miss out on a weeks worth of pay.

As many would know the bills surrounding Cancer treatment let alone every day expenses mounts to quite alot.

I myself along with many of her school mum friends are wanting to raise as much money as we can to help take some of the monetary burden off Jade and her partner.

My personal conrtribution will be to have my pony tail cut and sent to an organisation that makes wigs and then to shave the rest of my head in honour of Jade.

I have decided that if we can raise $1000 by August 25th, which is also Daffodil Day I will cut my pony and shave my head.

I know so many are touched by Cancer in some way or another so please, help us reach our target, please help us help a beautiful young mum lighten a tiny piece of the stress surrounding her little family.

Every little bit will help us acheive our goal whether it be $2, $20 or $200, it will all go to Jade and her family (minus the non-negotiable go-fund me fees)

So if you want to see me rocking a beanie alongside Jade get donating!
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  • Boo Kvalheim 
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  • Kylie Webster  
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