Come Together to Care for Chris!

Come Together to Care for Chris!

Hello, I’m Chrissy Manibusan Jackson and am from the island of Guam.  I need your help!

On May 4, 2017, my Mom was diagnosed with THYROID CANCER!  She was sent to UCLA in Los Angeles, California for surgery and treatment.

During the past 18 years, my Mom has been on many medical journeys!  As a result, my parents are overwhelmed with thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of credit card bills and bank loans.  Please, I humbly ask for monetary help—we need your help!

Now, with another medical journey, THYROID CANCER, I can see the desperation in my parents’ eyes.  I see their blank stares as they try to figure out how to pay for this again!  Please help me help them!

While on these medical journeys, my Mom has been the brunt of many cruel jokes!  It has been said that after her death she should donate her body to science; that she should have her own reality show; or appear on “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”, The Doctors or Oprah Winfrey show.  It has even been suggested she write a book about her journeys.

My Mom’s 18-year medical journey began in 1999.  As you read this, it may sound like a “made-up” story.  Believe me, this is ALL real!  My unconventional childhood can attest to that.

My Mom lives with the following diseases and disorders and takes daily medications to keep her alive.  Her doctors have said her conditions, individually, are rare and hard to believe it is all happening to ONE person!  This is too much for one person to endure!  Please know my Mom never had any trauma or preexisting illness to cause these health issues.

1.  Heart: Coronary Microvascular Disease, Vasospasms and Prinzmetal Angina (inoperable condition ).
2.  Esophagus: Lower Esophageal Sphincter Motility Disorder (Achalasia).
3.  Stomach:  Hiatal hernia.
4.  Lungs: Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. 
5.  Bones: Osteopenia.
6.  Cervical Disk Herniation with Radiculopathy.  She lives with a titanium implant. 
7.  Right Shoulder Impingement Syndrome.
8. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Three surgeries to remove left and right 1st Rib and scalene muscle.

My Mom has also had two breast cancer scares!  

At times, when my Mom experiences chest pain, it is difficult for her to differentiate what is causing it—her heart or her esophageal disorder!  How can a person live like this!

For each medical journey, my Mom was sent to UCLA in Los Angeles, California, and treated by various Specialists and Surgeons. She had many physical therapy sessions, procedures and surgeries. Her body has been through so many extensive tests.  It became a running joke that she could act as liaison between Guam medical patients and UCLA.
We stayed in California for weeks even months costing us lodging, food, and transportation not to mention the co-payments for each test and Specialist’s clinic visit.  To afford this, my parents borrowed loans and “maxed out” their credit cards; they withdrew money from their retirement plans; and sold property to pay off loans and credit cards only to run them up again! 

During these 18 years, at intervals, my Mom had to resign from work.  She recently returned to work because she saw my Dad’s energy being drained from him—he was working around-the-clock.  She knew he could not do this by himself any longer.

In addition, my Dad, younger sister and I suffered health issues too!  My Dad suffered a subdural hematoma (brain) and was flown to Hawaii for two surgeries and lives with titanium pins. My younger sister had emergency surgery for ovarian cyst torsion.  Just recently at UCLA, I had surgery to remove two large ovarian cysts.  I stayed in California for over a month due to complications.

As I write this, I cannot believe how my Mom lived through all this!  I cannot believe how her FAITH and STRENGTH have NOT waivered.  My MOM is the GLUE that HOLDS US TOGETHER!

I am only 24 years old with my whole life ahead of me.  My Mom is my best friend!  Selfishly, I want her to cheer me on when I graduate from college; to walk with me down the aisle when I get married; to be with me at the birth of my children; and to hold her grandchildren.  I want my Mom to live through MY life journeys! 

Once again, I humbly ask for your monetary donation.  Thank you for taking the time to read our story!

With much hope and love,
Chrissy Manibusan Jackson
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