Running towards a better future for Kilifi

(100% of donations reach the kids in Kilifi, Kenya)

Run with us! For a better future for the children of Kilifi in Kenya. We will be running the Zurich Marathon on the 10th of April to raise funds that will help us implement a sustainable chicken farm in the community of Matsagiri. 

Every help will push the project forward! Please help us make an impact in the lives of the 50+ children in the community of Matsagiri. We will be updating you with insights, images, and videos of our progress during April and May. Please follow our social media for this (you can find all our social media at the end of this description).

WHO do we want to help?

In the area of Kilifi, Kenya a large number of people live with less than one dollar per day. Close to the touristic coast, rural communities lack the financial resources to provide themselves with the food nutrition supplies required for a minimal state of living. Especially the youngest are exposed to those conditions with approximately 2000 children today left without food, education or primary healthcare.

Nutrition: 40 % of the population is unable to meet the minimum food requirements even after spending all the income on food alone.
Health: 22’000 people are HIV-positive in Kilifi-county, and the doctor to patient ratio is 1: 26’000.
Education: 34.5 % of the population cannot read and write.

In sum, working to reduce poverty and fighting hunger and offering education - the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals #1,  #2 and #4 - are among the most important investments that can be made for a country’s future and its people.

HOW do we want to help?

Based on the pressing needs identified, the ultimate goal of our initiative is to strategically develop and build a community center in Matsangoni, Kilifi that provides facilities for basic health care and education, sources of food, water and sustainable revenue streams. On a 7.5 acres piece of land owned by our partner NGO School4Life, we ensure the long-term impact of our project by:

- Developing a long-term, local needs-based project plan for the community by leveraging the team’s business education and experiences
- Allocating the funds we raised effectively and sustainably to the development and construction of the facilities planned
- Visiting Kilifi ourselves in the mid of 2022 to gain a deep understanding of what the community needs, ensure the progression of the project, and contribute hands-on
- Starting the execution of the project by building a sustainable chicken farm
that will serve with both, independent revenue streams to finance a currently abandoned school as well as nutrition through eggs and meat for the (children of the) community
In order to make our vision come to life, we depend on your support and contribution.

All your donations will go directly to the people and children in Kilifi without any transaction costs or administration fees. We cover ourselves all the costs that might arise from this undertaking (e.g. flights, food etc.). Following our journey through this website and our social media channels will allow you to see the impact that your generous donation will give to this community.

If you wish to contribute to this project, we, the community and the kids of Kilifi would be forever thankful for your support. We need YOU!


The 2021 SIMilili Team is a diverse group of eight students of the Master in Strategy and International Management (SIM) at the University of St. Gallen, striving to have a positive impact through our work. The initiative is part of the SIM Master's unique course SIMagination challenge.

Namely, we are:
-Jeremy (Switzerland); Paul (France); Sebastian (Germany);  Christian (Peru) (top: left to right)
-Keisha (India); Julia (Germany); Theo (Netherlands); and Navika (India) (Bottom: left to right) 

We are beyond excited to take on this challenge and have the opportunity to make a sustainable impact on the future of Kenya and its people along the lines of nutrition, health and education.

Together with your contributions, we are convinced we can create a better future for Kilifi!


Jeremy, Paul, Sebastian, Christian, Keisha, Julia, Theo and Navika.

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