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Cheng Huai Art and Culture Association Fall 2021

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Welcome to Cheng Huai Art and Culture Association' s fundraiser page. We are currently raising funds for our Fall 2021 Program, to offset the costs of our wonderful (mostly free) events, and ongoing operations to support the cultural sector of Montreal.
Cheng Huai is an ambitious initiative where diversity, entrepreneurship, and creativity are valued. The organization hopes to make the professional art world more accessible and inviting to students, amateur artists, and art connoisseurs alike.
The purpose of Cheng Huai is to give university students who are interested in working in the art industry an opportunity to showcase art, gain experience, and learn about potential career avenues. We do this by hosting art exhibitions, career fairs, professional lectures, and other networking-style events, as well as promoting friendships through our projects like the artist-writer pairing program, our internship database, and more.
The bottom line is, we need funding to support the costs of our monthly events. In September 2021 we hosted our first ever in-person event: a Chinese Brush Painting workshop hosted in coordination with MSCBAC . It was a huge success! Our members supplied ink, paper, snacks, and more to make the workshop a reality, but we need additional support to expand our projects. We want to keep these events as low-cost as possible for participants, so that anyone and everyone is able to join.
Any donation you can make to support our ongoing costs is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned to our newsletter  and Instagram page to find out more about upcoming events.
Photos from our Brush Painting Workshop:


Cheng Huai
Montreal, QC

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