Hospital bills & Treatment Options

So I hate to reach out to people I know and people I don't know for something that I wish I could handle on my own.
However this is not something I can continue trying to deal with on my own, I need a colonoscopy.

My symptoms started a bit over a year ago, I had stomach cramping, blood in my stools and it affected my day dramatically. I was going to the bathroom anywhere from 10-15 times depending on the day. So I went to the doctors and he told me I needed a colonoscopy and I explained that it was something I couldn't afford. So we did the next best thing....I had a sigmoidoscopy, typically you're put under for this, well I wasn't because it cost me $100 to do it while I was awake. Not only did I do the sigmoidoscopy, but I also did a barium enema. The tests showed nothing abnormal and my doctor told me to watch my symptoms and come back if they worsened. They couldn't prescribe anything when they couldn't find anything wrong. They were leaning toward Ulcerative colitus, but we're all hoping it isn't. Or it could be Crohn's or who knows what else. If it is one of those then it is an autoimmune disease and that means my body is attacking itself.

I pushed on and my symptoms improved and I wasn't going constantly, maybe 3-6 times a day, but still passing blood on occasion. It has been the last few months that my symptoms have worsened. I wake up almost every night with stomach cramps and the urge to go. I experience this daily and it comes and goes as it pleases. I've cut out caffeine and boy do I miss it. And most recently my eating habits have changed dramatically, I don't eat much.  This is recently that I can't stomach a lot at once, or I'm simply not hungry. I try to make sure I snack throughout the day, because I'll be hungry, I just wont be able to eat...if that makes sense. I've recently looked into CBD oils to help with the inflammation and I've noticed a difference since I've started using them.

I'm asking for help to pay for this colonoscopy. I've looked into financial support, but they don't apply to me because it isn't a screening, it is a diagnostic due to my symptoms. Also they will have to take biopsies while they're in there. I have decent insurance as well, but my deductible is high and that is why my out of pocket cost is so high. Without insurance it would cost around $4,500.  This is my last resort and something I've dreaded doing because this isn't something I typically open up to everyone about and it was something I kept wishing would just go away, but it isn't going anywhere and I'd like to prevent more damage to my colon and this is the first step.

Thank you for reading my story...please share and anything helps.
  • Anonymous 
    • $10 
    • 48 mos
  • Kim Astorino 
    • $12 
    • 49 mos
  • Jen Boryca 
    • $13 
    • 49 mos
  • Johanna Maradiaga 
    • $30 
    • 49 mos
  • Cynthia Murphy 
    • $15 
    • 49 mos
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