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Official legal ‘xl bully’ ban fundraisers

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We are the Licenceme Group and we are raising funds for all UK xl bully owners to legally fight against putting our beautiful pet dogs on the ‘banned breeds’ list.

This is going to be a huge challenge. But have the support of a stellar legal team including 2 barristers and support from a solicitor from Tuckers Solicitors.

Our dogs are bred to be loving companions, the XL Bully has been wrongfully blamed for many recent attacks by the media and government.

Many other dogs will be targeted under this new proposed ban, everything from mastiffs to staffies to mixed breeds and crosses. Innocent dogs who have shown no aggression and pose no danger to anyone are under threat, all because of their appearance.

Since the dangerous dogs Act come into place in 1991, dog attacks have risen, not reduced, and since 1999 and 2019 dog attacks have risen by 154%.
There are many factors to blame here, but we cannot blame and cull an entire ‘type’

We as bully owners of the UK demand change, demand fair and effective laws that keep people and dogs safe, demand that no dog be damned because of how they look!

We are a non-for-profit organisation set up for all us Bully owners to fight this ban. Every single penny raised from this fund will be used for our legal challenge. For all updates please see our website for complete transparency.

There is a process we have to follow and this will be costly so we need to stay strong and keep fighting.

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