The Man With The Golden Heart

John Fugazzie, Founder and President of Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA, ( ) is a great man in need of some help himself, in fact, in need of a lot of help. The man with a heart of gold, had a heart attack in July 19, 2013.  He had a defibrillator placed in his chest which he refers to as his robotic heart.  John may have a defibrillator but he has a heart so big and so giving, it is far from what you would call a robotic heart. Since then he has incurred over $195,000.00 in medical expenses.  As of now, John has recovered nicely but he does admit the stress of all of the bills and bill collectors has been taking a toll on him. Ironically, the man who has helped so many “land” a job has been out of work for 19 mnths now.  This is why John desperately needs donations.  He can barely stay afloat without them. 

John is a loving father, son, and husband and Kayla the family golden retriever.  He lives with his elderly mother, wife, three sons, and his brother in the house that he grew up in.  That carries an enormous responsibility and financial burden as you can imagine.  It has been unbearable at times trying to take care of everyone with what little resources he has.  His sons’ can help but hardly make a dent in the bills that are due each month.  There is one vehicle shared among seven people.  Everyone chips in for gas but John is the one that does most of the driving for the family.  He sadly has not had enough gas to make it to some of his Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA meetings so he uses free Skype, Googlehangouts to join and help lead some of the groups.  This too has been a challenge since he needs to keep the internet carrier paid or he can’t work on looking for work.  Looking for a job today is a full time job as many of us all know.  

As the founder of Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA, he has advocated for the unemployed by forming a large support network which encompasses an amalgam of resources helping people transition back into the workforce. Now someone must advocate for him until he gets back on his feet.  Until then, let that be us.  This is a time sensitive issue to help John get back on his feet financially so that he may feed his family and pay off the bills that just keep piling up.  You never hear a complaint from John about his situation for he feels that the negative energy that is unnecessary and rather exude positive energy to bring good into his life and the life of others.  Please let’s put his “pay it forward” attitude into motion and donate to John. 

Please share this with everyone you know via social media; email; in person with friends, family, colleagues, etc. He can use all the help he can get at the personal and corporate level.

Here are a few links to learn more about some of John’s work:

USA Today

New York Times


On behalf of John, I want to thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for your donations and support. 

All the best! 
Mark Gottlieb on behalf of 
John R. Fugazzie
P.O. Box 274
River Edge, NJ 07[phone redacted]

Below is a list of 417 people who can personally thank John for helping them get back to work.  That is a small sample of the tens of thousands of neglected Americans who are directly and positively affected by John, his organization and his efforts.   

List of People Who Have Found Employment Through Neighbors Helping Neighbors 

May, New Milford 
Darlene, River Edge
John, River Edge
John, Paramus
Gary, Saddle Brook 
Bill, River Edge 
Susan, New Milford
Steve, Washington Twp
George, River Edge
Craig, Middletown NY 
Theresa, River Edge
Ginny, Maplewood 
Mark, Little 
Confidential, River Edge 
Denise, West Milford 
Marvalyn, Bergenfield
Judy, Bergenfield
Melina, Allendale 
Joel, Ho-Ho-Kus 
Andrew, Mahwah
Musset, Bergenfield
Dave, Bergenfield
Mitch, Dumont
Melissa, River Edge 
Cheryl, River Edge 
Karen, Waldwick
Tom, Ridgewood
Lisa, River Edge 
Kristin, River Edge 
Kevin, Westwood
Lisa, Ho-Ho-Kus 
Leslie, Bergenfield
Ferbido,  River Edge
Donna,  Ridgewood
Maryanne,  Ridgewood 
Eve, Cresskill 
Stephanie, Westwood
Kevin, Ramsey 
Cindy, Oradell 
Helena, Ho-Ho-Kus 
Peggy, Lyndhurst 
David, Woodbridge
Bill, Lyndhurst
Juliet, River Edge 
Mark, Little Ferry 
Manny, Ridgewood 
Stu, Hawthorne
Pat, Park Ridge 
Milena, Lodi
Luigi, Lodi
Peggy, LinkedIn
Ipek, Cedar Grove 
Hedy, River Edge 
Alison, Waldwick
Lisa, Dumont 
Robin, Waldwick
Russ, Bergenfield
Susan, Ridgewood
John, Ridgewood 
John, Ringwood 
Kim, Long Valley
Mike, River Edge
Sam, Westwood
Maria, Westwood
Tom, Fair Lawn
Toby, Ridgewood
Mary, Kenilworth
Greg, Mendham Twp. 
Jerry, Fair Lawn
Linda, Oradell 
Anthony, Waldwick 
Carol, West Milford
JoAnn, Wanaque 
Denise, West Milford
Richard, Westwood 
Laura, Fair Lawn 
Roddy, Woodcliff Lake
Katherine, River Edge 
Jenna, Cedar Grove 
Tina, Ho-Ho-Kus 
Rosemary, River Edge
Jocelyn, Teaneck 
Mike, Wayne
Mark, Little Ferry 
Robert, California
Narendra, Ridgewood
Nikki, Fair Lawn
Dan, Easton PA 
John O'Brien, Churchville, PA 
Scott, Mahwah 
John, Cedar Grove 
Paula, Hawthorne 
Barb, Cedar Grove
Nehrin, Oakland 
Claudio, Rome Italy
Joyce, Hawthorne 
Marie, Hawthorne 
Robert, Paramus 
Ed, Ringwood 
Leslie, Fair Lawn 
Justine, Cedar Grove 
Bill, Lyndurst 
Victoria, Westwood 
Elyse, Fair Lawn 
Kim, Englewood 
Mitch, New Milford 
Glenn, Waldwick 
Nancy, River Edge 
Pat, Cranford 
Tim, Hawthorne
Karen, Hawthorne 
Derek, Cranford
Catherine, Bergenfield 
Tony, Emerson 
Jim, Ridgewood 
Keith, Fair Lawn
Robert, Emerson
John, Emerson 
Paul, Englewood 
Cheryl, Ridgewood
Diane, Ridgewood 
Carla, Waldwick
Linda, Westwood 
Sarah, Mahwah 
Robert, River Edge
Nicole, Ridgewood
Jian Yong, Mendham Twp
Nancy, Mendham Twp 
John, Cedar Grove
Greg, Hasbrouck Heights 
Diane, Cedar Grove
Michele, Lyndhurst 
Donna, Cranford 
Joe, Cranford
Jim, River Edge
Debra, Oradell
Mary Ellen, Fair Lawn
Renee, Paramus 
Evan, Hawthorne 
Cindy, River Edge 
Doug, Oradell 
MG, Ridgewood 
Mary Pat, Ridgewood 
JoAnn, Wanaque 
Annemarie, Oakland 
CJ, Oakland 
Grace, Dumont
Lynden, Oradell 
Jim, Ringwood
Ahuva, Cranford
Audrey, Ridgewood 
Deb, Lake Hiawatha 
Fran, Rockland NY
Mary, Waldwick 
Juliet, River Edge 
Ron, Cedar Grove 
MaryJean, Ringwood
Ted, Waldwick 
Lynn, River Edge
Confidential, Cedar Grove
Confidential, Cedar Grove
David, Ridgewood
Adaliana, Maplewood
Edward, Ridgewood
Diane, Cedar Grove
Cynthia, Bucks County
Karin, Cedar Grove 
Barbara, LinkedIn Group 
John, Warren Co 
Geraldine, Mahwah
Mike, River Edge
Jeff, Waldwick
Ann, Cedar Grove 
Kevin, Ridgewood
Jorge, LinkedIn group 
Denise, Cedar Grove
Tara, Wayne
Carol, Mendham Twp. 
Kathleen, Monmouth
Herman, Colts Neck
Jane, Fairlawn 
Jim, Middletown 
Gary, Monmouth Co 
Mike, Cranford
Craig, South Carolina
Steve, Wayne
Kirit, Hawthorne 
Laura, Fair Lawn 
Alison, LinkedIn Group 
William, Ringwood
Lou, Ridgewood
Mary Ellen, Fair Lawn 
Sue, Lake Hiawatha 
Jon, Bergenfield
Patricia, Cleveland 
Susan, River Edge
Steve, Cranford 
Doug, Oradell 
Steve, Cedar Grove 
Michele, Waldwick 
Mike, Mendham Twp 
Carol, Mendham Twp 
Stephanie, Englewood
Laura, Middletown
Andrew, Mahwah 
Debbie, Maywood 
Chris, Monmouth Co.
Caroline, Cranford 
Gina, Cranford 
Greg, Wayne 
Joan, Ridgewood 
Jake, Middletown Twp 
Beth, Monmouth Co 
Donna, Middletown 
Evette, LinkedIn Group 
Michael, Mendham Twp 
Gail, Emerson 
Donna, Wayne 
Don, Waldwick 
Kathleen, Oakland 
Joel, Ho-Ho-Kus
Rhonda, Oakland
Jim, Ringwood 
Donna, Wayne 
Jim, Warren Co 
Kevin, Emerson
Debbie, Waldwick 
Paul, Oakland
Becky Boston MA
Terry, Middletown 
Joseph, LinkedIn Group
Carolyn, Monroe Twp.
David, Cranford
Anne, Closter 
Tim, Ridgewood
Andrea, Waldwick 
Anne, Bloomfield 
Valerie, Waldwick 
Rob, Ridgewood
Theresa, Rockland Co.
Lori, LinkedIn 
Ken, Wayne 
Cindy, Hasbrouck Hts 
Maria, Wayne
Matthew, Cedar Grove 
Mike, River Edge
Rosann, Wayne
Cindy, Hasbrouck Heights
Andrea, Hasbrouck Heights
Ruth, Hasbrouck Heights
Rosa, Oradell 
Aline, Westwood
Wendy, Oakland 
Stewart, Cedar Grove 
Jeanne, Monmouth Co
Ana, Hasbrouck Hts
Ray, Maywood
Richard, Hawthorne 
Tom, Monmouth Co 
Kathryn, Middletown
Sanum, Bergenfield
Joe, Hawthorne 
Joe, Mendham Twp.
Confidential, Emerson 
Gail Elmwood Park 
Veronica, Toronto 
John, Cranford
Bob, Fair Lawn 
Joe, Waldwick 
Marina, Maywood
Henry Cresskill, 
Marge, Ridgewood
Debbie, Waldwick
Mindy, Lake Hiawatha 
Beth, Hasbrouck Heights 
Emily, Boston
Cyndi, Mendham Twp. 
Mike, Mendham Twp.
Carol, Middletown 
Lisa, Middletown 
Cindy, Mendham 
Christine, Middletown
Chris, Waldwick 
Elizabeth, Middletown
Ann, Cranford 
Regina, LinkedIn Group
John, Maywood 
Mark, Monmouth Co 
Shannon, Lake Hiawatha
Michael, Oradell 
Maria, Warren Co
Christian, River Edge
Priscilla, Monmouth 
Rose, Monmouth
William Joel, Middletown 
Migdalia, Colts Neck 
Judith, Hawthorne 
Jennifer, Lake Hiawatha
Maria, Wayne
Rene, LinkedIn Group 
Janet, Monmouth Co 
Sunil, Wayne 
Monica, LinkedIn group 
Jodi, River Edge
Doug, LinkedIn Group 
Scott, Cedar Grove
Kurt, Cranford 
Tyler, River Edge 
David, Cranford 
Fred, Oradell
Tom, Monmouth Co. 
Fran, Warren 
Susan, Ridgewood 
Leslie, River Edge
Joe, Fair Lawn 
John, Boston MA 
Migdalia, Colts Neck 
Steve, LinkedIn Group 
Confidential, Hasbrouck Hts.
Debra, Montclair State University 
Julie, Bergenfield 
Confidential, River Edge 
Regina, LinkedIn Group 
Anu, Colts Neck
Lauren, Oakland
Colleen, New Milford 
Debbie, Oradell 
Hans, Colts Neck 
Ted, Waldwick
Dolores, Hawthorne
Patricia, Cedar Grove 
Len, Colts Neck
Susan, River Edge 
Christine, Monmouth Co 
Dan, Boston MA
Tony, Oakland 
Maritine, LinkedIn Group 
Jessie, Bloomfield 
Wayne, Boston MA
Joe, Hawthorne
Rachel, Cranford 
Rock, Colts Neck
Shannon, LinkedIn Group 
Lynn, Cranford 
Maryellen, River Edge
George, Waldwick
Kevin, Waldwick
Victoria, Westwood
Nomi, Cranford 
Nancy, Warren
Cathy, Wayne 
San-San, Colts Neck 
Yolanda, Cranford 
Michael, Colts Neck
Susan, Cranford 
Dawn, Middletown 
Elizabeth, LinkedIn Group 
Rosanna, Emerson 
John, Maplewood 
Shannon, Manalapan 
Edward, Warren Co.
Becky, Warren Co
Jeanne, Mendham Twp.
Thomas, Warren Co 
John, Warren Co.
Hank, Warren Co.
Julie, Bergenfield 
Nancy, Cedar Grove 
Maria, Cedar Grove
Bob, Cedar Grove
Julie, Bergenfield
Peggy, Hawthorne 
Sam, Colts Neck
Ray, Waldwick
Risa, Wayne 
Steve, Wayne
Joy, Hawthorne 
Christina, Ridgewood 
Marcel, Wayne
Phil, LinkedIn 
Todd, River Edge 
Catherine, Maywood
Marc, Paramus 
Robert, Oakland 
John, Wayne
Richard, Monmouth CO 
Chris, Wayne
Evan, Wayne 
Ken, LinkedIn Group 
Filomeno, Ridgewood 
Kerry, Wayne
Jesse, Linkedin Group 
Maria, LinkedIn Group 
Deborah, Wayne
Kevin, Maywood 
Diana, Hackensack
Sandra, Colts Neck
Brian, Westwood
Donna, Cranford 
Donald, Wayne 
Frank, Guttenberg 
Margaret, Ridgewood 
Dan, Wayne 
Jeff, Suffern 
Kenneth, Wayne
Bob, Wayne 
Jim, Ringwood 
Teresa , Rockland County 
Paul, Wayne 
Bob, Westwood 
Lisa, Boston MA
Lisa, New City, NY
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  • c aryn Starr gates 
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  • Penny Mariano 
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Leslie Schur Gottlieb 
River Edge, NJ
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