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Cats Helping Rats

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Hi, my name is Krista and I’m hoping to raise money to help support Charming Rat Rescue in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Why is the fundraiser titled Cats Helping Rats? -Rats don’t always receive the best press and many people have negative views about them (I don’t know why, because I think they’re fricken adorable). Anyways, my cat (Tony) has an Instagram presence and he, along with some other cat friends on Instagram, are going to help promote this fundraiser.
-Since people don’t always see the beauty in rats, it can be very difficult for Charming Rat Rescue to raise funds. The rescue relies on donations from the public, as well as money from the owner’s own account. With the rising cost of food these days, I’d love it if we can help the rescue out.

If you love cats, rats, or any other critter, I’d love it if you can help by making a donation. I’d be grateful to receive any amount, whether large or small. In the comments of this fundraiser, feel free to tell me about the animal(s) that you have. I always enjoy hearing stories about animals that are close to peoples’ hearts.

Thank-you in advance for your help and feel free to share this fundraiser to help generate more money to help out Charming Rat Rescue.


Krista Hopko
Regina, SK

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