Cassandra's Choice


Cassandra’s Choice

Cassandra is a Care Worker in Long Island, New York and single mother to three daughters Starr, Chenille and Chloe.

 Cassandra was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in 2007.  At first they could not tell where the origin of the Cancer was, so she was immediately put on a course of Chemotherapy.  This was followed by explorative surgeries to her breasts, spinal cord and stomach.  Cancer was found on her small intestine near the abdominal aorta; the surgeon said that he could not remove it.  Cassandra was left knowing that this destructive mass would remain in her body and we all feared the worst.  Cassandra began having difficulties breathing; she was admitted to Hospital with fluid on her lungs and to tap her lungs to get rid of the water.  She took several pills and received regular Chemotherapy, but none of these treatments were effective.  Cassandra was then switched to Chemotherapy injections which after a while, thankfully, seemed to be working. Cassandra also made changes to her diet and lifestyle and remained steadfast in her faith, will power and strong mind.

After fearing the worst, we now had a sense of hope and for Cassandra, this meant more time to spend with her daughters.

Overtime, things got easier but it seems like yesterday, I can remember vividly, the emotions it stirred, the helplessness of being so far away, loss of appetite, how we would mobilize ourselves and feeling butterflies when answering late night telephone calls.  Cassandra has been battling stage 4 Cancer for 10 years now.  The treatments she received had devastating effects and caused secondary problems to her ailing body. Despite all of this, she would always say, I’m good, or I'm fine, by God’s Grace.  It was painful listening to her speak and she would sometimes cry in pain.  If the conversation was via video, we would try hard to hold our quivering lips, smile and talk about fun things in an attempt to hide our horror. Cassandra never lost her sense of humor and would laugh heartily but on occasions, even laughter was difficult and on retracting her smile a grimace would appear and all we could do was cringe.

Her strength is truly humbling; it put life into perspective and gave us strength which we sent right back to her in positive thoughts and prayers.

Despite all of the treatment and challenges she faced, Cassandra would always return to work caring for others, even while she was on Chemotherapy. On occasions she worked back to back shifts to compensate for loss of earnings and to secure funds for household demands.  In between all of this, she would always be available to give guidance and words of encouragement to those in need, offering prayers and frequently giving what should not afford to.  Her charity is testimony to her as an individual; she is a wonderful person, who can warm your heart with her beautiful smile.

Even after all these years we still ask “Why”.

Cassandra has received tremendous support from her employer/work colleagues, also friends and Church family in the USA and we, her UK family and family members worldwide extend many thanks and blessing to you all.

Over the years Cassandra has been indebted with medical bills, this and loss of earnings due to prolonged leave to recover from treatment has further reduced her income, she now finds it hard to provide for her daughters and meet living expenses.

During a recent visit to her Physician the worst was confirmed, the last two tests showed that the Tumors are very active and getting bigger.  Another course of Chemotherapy was recommended but Cassandra declined and has chosen to undertake a course of alternative medicine.

I would like you to join me in raising funds to support Cassandra’s cause to attend the (Hoxsey Clinic) Bio Medical Centre in Tijuana, Mexico, accompanied by a member of the family.  We are very excited about Cassandra receiving the Hoxsey Therapy, the Bio-Medical Centre has delivered amazing results and the testimonials are breathtaking.  The Hoxsey formula consists of natural herbs, a specific diet, vitamins/minerals, lifestyle counseling, a positive attitude and other innovative non-toxic alternative therapies.  The medicine targets the Cancerous cells and realigns the body to target the source of the Cancer and there are no side effects, so no more DNA mutations or secondary complications.

The therapy itself costs around $1,800 to $2,000 dollars which includes a six month supply of Hoxsey tonic and three month of supplements, more may be required but this cannot be confirmed until an initial consultation/medical assessment has been completed. This does not include airfare or hotel stay for the treatment.  Once attended, Cassandra will be required to reside in a residency near to the Centre to be available for any additional testing that may be medically necessary.  She will then return home to complete course of treatment and attend a six month follow-up appointment.

Cassandra is currently out on disability .  Any  additional proceeds will allow her to cater for on-going household expenses without the additional stress, focusing on her health and well-being and living happily with her three daughters. She need to raise the funds for the treatment and travel expense as soon as possible.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to share Cassandra’s story and supporting Cassandra’s Choice.

Best Wishes and Kind Regards to you all.

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