Caroline A Valdes

full name on my DL
Allan J Watson
My wife’s name is
Caroline Valdes she’s a strong
Latina and kept her last name
she always called me Julian for 34 years 
everyone who came in contact with my wife wanted to be a friend her and be close to her I never heard her say a bad thing about anyone or be in a bad mood I know that doesn’t sound right but it’s true it’s all true she was the most beautiful person
Caroline was a substitute school
teacher kindergarten For the
Montebello unified school district
for the past 15 years (They do not provide Medical insurance for Subs)
all the children loved her
It was very challenging
but Caroline  had the patience
Children need 
We are married and have been
together since 1988
Caroline is not only my wife she’s my soulmate my most trusted confide
and my very very best friend
(This is Caroline’s Medical journey)
I took Caroline to her primary physician because she had a gurgling noise in her chest and she thought it was her reoccurring bronchitis from childhood
her doctor examined her and prescribed her antibiotics for a week a week later we went back to the doctors the gurgling sound was still there she couldn’t sleep at
night laying down
her Doctor prescribed her eucalyptus tea
three Weeks later The gurgling sound was still there I took her to our Doctor 5 times from mid March the Last Doctor visit was the morning of May 11th 2022
her Doctor finally gave her a breath test and said it was low!!
So I drove Caroline straight to
the emergency room Beverly Hospital Montebello May 11th the emergency room doctor took X-ray and cat scan
hd said Caroline had three things wrong with her #1 Pulmonary Adema congestive heart failure she had a resent heart attack 
She had water on the lungs that was causing the gurgling sound in her chest she also had the doors on the main heart valve not opening they Stiff like a creaky
They suggested she stay in the hospital and have a angiogram with contrast to see what was going on the angiogram was set for
Friday, 13 May The angiogram took longer than normal 2 1/2 hours instead of one hour they found a blockage in one of her arteries and put it Angioplasty stent to open up The artery
she was awake during the procedure when the procedure was over she was relieved they asked her to lay down for 20 minutes to observe after 10 minutes she stopped breathing and code blue the doctor said your wife stop breathing
She is in critical condition on a breathing machine 
They take her to a  ICU room where her vital signs were very low
Visiting hours at the hospitalI are until 8 PM I told the nurse I can’t leave her in this condition I stayed with her until 12:30 am Until her vital signs were normal the next
morning she woke up writing on a white board
because she had tubes in her mouth the machine was still breathing for her
they said she must they transferred to a larger hospital where the can perform a TAVR heart valve replacement minimum evasive
surgery she would go home 24 hours later dr. Fong
said  Caroline is not a good candidate for open-heart surgery because she’s on blood thinners because of the stent she will bleed to death
And if they take Caroline off the blood thinners the stent will clot and It will have devastating results
Caroline was transferred to Saint johns hospital Santa Monica
room 2252 For the TAVR with
Dr. pelikan The procedure date was set for Wednesday the following week
Then on Tuesday Dr. Powers Heart Surgen Said Carolina’s young
I want to give her options for another 40 or 50 years that’s my job to give my patients as long a life as possible 
I can do open-heart Valve replacement
we can go through the sternum take her off blood thinners a few hours before and then put her right back on blood thinners after the procedure
I told him what Dr. Fong said
That CAROLINE IS NOT A CANDIDATE FOR OPEN HEART SURGERY she will bleed to death because the blood will not clot
and if they take off blood thinners the stent will Clot and she will die

Dr. Powers said I have spoke to my team and we can take her off the Blood thinner safely and then after the valve is replaced put her right back on the blood thinner we can do it safely
 The umbrella valve TAVR will not last very long a few years and then there are no options
with the open heart surgery valve replacement she will have options for 40 to 50 years
and his job was to give his patient the longest life possible Caroline was very scared we talked about
it So we reluctantly Agreed because of the possibility of Caroline living 40 to 50 years longer she was only
53 Dr Powers said this procedure
normally performed on 85-90 year old patient Caroline is very young she will do well she’s strong
the open heart surgery was set for the date I think four days later or so I was up all night with my wife before surgery I slept with her in her room Caroline’s nose was
bleeding From 9 PM all through the night all through the morning massive clots coming out of her
nose I complain to the night nurse several times throughout the night and throughout the morning we never slept nurse said she would call the doctor for his advice and the doctor said take it off the blood thinner this was about 11 PM at night but the nose kept bleeding all throughout the morning
they came to get my wife for surgery at 7 AM we have been up all night the anesthesiologist
Dr. Chan came in to Caroline‘s room we told her about the concerns and should we Postpone The open heart surgery for another date because my wife’s nose is  bleeding constantly the anesthesiologist
Dr. Chan Said we have the surgery reserved and the Team is waiting
I can just put a little aspartame in her nose that’ll stop it she will be fine
Caroline and I trusted the Doctor and they took her away at 7:00am 
to prep her they said the procedure would start at 9 AM
and will last till 11 - 11:30 AM
I Sat outside the surgery door on a chair I didn’t move to eat I promised my wife I would be with her going into surgery and I will be waiting for outside for her
at 11 o’clock I received a call a nurse said oh its going to be another two hours
1:30 PM I received a call it’s going to be another two hours I said what happened why the delay the
nurse Said we had some complications with her bleeding we corrected that
we will call you when she’s going to her room 5:30 PM I get a call
( 10.5 hour in surgery)
Caroline will be going to a room in 30 minutes Dr. Powers would like to come and speak to you the Dr came to speak to me he knelt on the floor and said I’m so sorry we didn’t get the results we were looking for the valve was a successful implant what but when I release the clamp There was an issue something went wrong with the stent and she had a massive massive heart attack he said (like she was kicked in the face by a donkey )they could not get her Heart to start pumping again
I asked was the stent clotted? Dr said. They could not find the stent
so the grafted a bypass
they had her on the life support
machine Induced coma
Dr Powers Said Caroline
Will need a heart transplant
And the best hospital is
Ronald Reagan center UCLA Hospital Westwood California
Four days later she was lucky enough to get a bed at UCLA
she was in room 7411 ICU
They needed Caroline to wake up they took her off sedation four days later she is still not waking up I was praying and getting everybody I could to pray for my wife to wake up she never I placed a iPad next to shoulder so I could talk to her on Zoom when I’m at home throughout the night and when I woke up in the morning trying to wake her up open your eyes baby please!!!!
they have a new heart for you ❤️
After five days
Her Heart was still not pumping just a machine
kidneys were failing blood clots in her artery legs
so many things wrong she was slowly dying
today June 6th my wife passed away in my arms without regaining consciousness before she passed I had a priest give her her last rites testimony and Priest anoint her with Holy Oil and the Holy sacraments
then I played The Pretenders
”I’ll Sand By You”
Then a short time later my beautiful wife passed away
I am devastated Very very bad
Dream except it’s real
The reason I am doing this
go fund me page
it was suggested by a
friend Who spends his time and is trying to help me
I don’t have a Facebook page and I’m not on Instagram it’s something I never thought of
When your wife is in the hospital for almost a month things happen so quickly day by day by day you don’t think about the finances you only think about what you can do to help your wife to live and
I Failed To help her to live
I’m devastated I feel like I let my wife down She trusted me She was going to come back home to me
i’m so sorry I’ve never written anything like this before
and I have no idea how much money I’m going to need to pay for everything and get Some sort of
normality in my life at this point I don’t think that’s possible there’s just so much to do I want to be strong for my wife and do the right thing it is hard to know clearly
How much money 
to Cover all of the bills
I do know it’s going to be everything I have or more 
So I put $20,000 in the go fund me box goal
because that number has to help with my financial burden
I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would lose my wife on 6th June
And then start a go fund me page to ask strangers to donate
“God works in mysterious ways”
I have heard all my life
and today I am asking help from people I have never met…..
I haven’t slept in about 40 hours this is been going on for almost a month my body is exhausted
but I kept going because I wanted to help my wife and do whatever I could
now it’s 9:25 PM I’m with my wife’s cat “Sugar”that she loved dearly
Beautiful cat and she always said to me babe if anything happens to me promise me you will always take care of sugar
that’s a promise I will never break
promises are immune to change
Good night everybody I’m going
to try to sleep and get some rest for my body❤️

Full disclosure 
I just edited my original story
of CAROLINE‘s journey
because this is the first time I have read it
since the first day I wrote it 
I spoke the story into the phone
I must’ve been very tired 
Because I missed  certain details
and the Written grammar was incorrect 
since I have been able to catch up with some rest and my mind is clearer I will never forget the details
I am devastated I cannot believe this happened To my wife and the most beautiful and truly caring and loving person I have ever met in my whole life
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