Carlos's Road to Recovery

My best friend, Carlos Matheus, is fighting to regain control of his own body as he recovers from an extensive brain surgery at UCLA. 

This struggle began months ago, after his graduation from ATI in Las Vegas, Nevada. With certifications in HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning), Carlos planned to enter into a company that would allow his new skills to shine. He began to experience head-pains, they started as acute headaches and soon transformed into blinding bouts of agony in waves down his face.

At the time, Carlos and his family did not realize that he was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia as a result of a Brain AVM (arteriovenous malformation) that ruptured, putting pressure on key nerves in his brain. Due to the location of the pains, Carlos guessed he may be experiencing an issue with something in his teeth. This lead to three subsequent visits to three different dentists, all of whom provided him with different diagnosis. After a period of taking various antibiotics and pain pills at the recommendation of the different dentists, he finally received the opinion from a local physician that it may be a neurological issue.

At Desert Neurology, Carlos would be told this was indeed not a dental issue, but instead something much more serious. He was unable to continue work for fear of causing any further damage to his brain, and began the routine of MRI's and Angiograms that would lead to his full diagnosis.

Today Carlos is sleeping in a hospital bed, recovering from a medical journey culminating in a twenty hour long surgery to remove any hardened blood from his brain that was creating the disturbing pain. As with any brain surgery, it is unclear what will be asked of him during the recovery process. After three days he has not yet regained the ability to speak, but he can nod yes or no to questions, he can wiggle his toes, and he can move his right hand. 

What he can not do, is work.

Before all of this, Carlos and his Mom supported themselves and Carlos's two sisters. But during this period of treatment, not only have medical bills started to pile up, but both Carlos and his mom have been left unable to work while he needs care, and it estimated to be weeks and weeks, possibly months, before he has the chance of going back to work again.

The Fasanando-Wong family consider me to be a brother to Carlos, I feel the same. For any of you that have spent seconds with Carlos, you know the energy, happiness, and strength he shares with everyone he meets, and it is time to give back to him during this time of need.

Money donated here will go directly toward living expenses that need to be met during his recovery, and any medical expenses he has or will incur as a result of this surgery.

When Carlos makes strides in his own recovery, I hate the idea that he will be weighed down with the thoughts of money his family will need, I want him to be able to focus on recovery.

Thank you so much for helping Carlos and his family, even if you can't donate here just sharing this page with friends and family will help them recover in peace.

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