Hi, my name is Cara Darmody, I am 11 years old. I'm in 5th class in Ardfinnan National School. I have 2 younger brothers Neil & John who are both non-verbal with Autism. They attend Scoil Chormaic Special School in Cashel. Our family are friends with so many other families that cannot get services such as Speech & Language, OT, Play Therapy and Psychology. It really annoys me that nobody is doing anything about it. These kids are at a disadvantage due to the lack of services. So I want to do something about it. I want to raise money to give everyone the same chance. We need the money to help....right now!!!!

So, as I love Maths, I decided last September to study the whole 3-year secondary school junior cycle ordinary level curriculum in Maths, and I have done it in 8 months with the help of my school and my parents. Thanks to everyone :-)
I am now going to attempt to sit the Junior Cycle Maths paper on June the 10th, with all money received to be split equally between the two schools.

I really hope you can donate and help. I really need your help with this project. Thank you so much :-) Your friend, Cara.

Please note that this fundraiser is being done with the full cooperation and assistance of Ardfinnan NS and Scoil Chormaic Special School. The exam will be supervised and corrected under the strictest of conditions to ensure absolute integrity and will occur on June 10th, which is the Department of Education's appointed day for the Maths exam. All money raised will go towards therapies to help these children achieve their potential. Finally, the Darmody family will not be financial benefactors of this fundraiser in any manner whatsoever.
Signed: Mark Darmody, Parent.


Mark Darmody 
Ardfinnan, County Tipperary