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Update for October.

October is breast cancer awareness month. I always honoured this month or made a post about this month. But never understood the challenge, the struggle, the fight that goes into this deadly terrible disease until now. This October means a little different and hits home for my family and I.

As I write this letter I’m laying in bed holding my baby and just thanking God for him and for another day with him. I also have tears running down my face as I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see him go to school, his first truck or see him grow up.

I’ve been very open, honest, and real with my journey since our lives were rattled back on Jan 30th of this year. So here is another real and honest update.

One thing I need to make veryyyyy clear and make sure this message gets heard. If YOU think you feel something. Go get it checked out. If you’re told it’s nothing and you have a gut feeling. Fight!!! I wish I was told these words back in Sept of 2022 when I felt something and was told by a doctor it was nothing. Fast forward to Jan 2023 I was diagnosed with stage 3 H2 Triple negative which is the fastest & aggressive growing type of breast cancer.

18 days later I started chemo. 6 weeks later I lost my hair. (I was Mrs.Clean) if you knew me… I loved my hair. I did chemo at Peterborough Hospital, I made friends with the staff there as you saw them every week in and out. I finished my last round of chemo on July 26th so I thought.

My church family, some family, friends and my rodeo/social media family gathered around and surrounded us with love. If it wasn’t for everyone who rallied around us to lift us up durning this time. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this. So once again. Thank You!!! Thank you for lifting us up so I could fight this battle. But unfortunately back on Aug 1st we were given some news that shocked us and broke us. I was moved to stage 4 as the cancer has moved over into my chest cavity. Talk about the wind being knocked out of ya or the rug pulled out under your feet.

After finishing off chemo end of July I was to have 6-8 wks off to recover from chemo so I could have a Double Mastectomy and a Lumpectomy. Then 3 wks off then I would start a 9 month treatment while doing radiation. Then another surgery in January.

But again, Unfortunately everything has been canceled. Due to the fact the min I stopped chemo. This beast inside me started to grow again, And it’s growing very fast. They told me in 33 years they have never seen a breast cancer this aggressive and this wild. Due to it growing so fast again. There is not enough skin to close me up if they were to do surgery on my org date of Sept 25. So my surgery got canceled along with everything else that got canceled. I’ve been put back on chemo for the next 3 months. So it’s chemo 2 times a day for 14 days then I’m a week off. Then we repeat again.

So fingers crossed by January 2024 it’s small enough so we can maybe have surgery.

I’m to have NO stress. (Yeah okkk… here I’m fighting for my life but also fighting other issues that I shouldn’t have to fight )

I’m to be resting but I’ve got a business that still needs to be ran and I also have a 2 year old that is busy. I am not as stable on my feet, definitely a little more wobbly. This chemo is definitely kicking my butt.

So please continue to PRY for Cory, Noah and I. Pray that this new type of chemo works and shrinks it. Pray that we will have good guidance as to what we do moving forward. We need a miracle. I know it can be done. So calling all PRAY warriors. I need you. As I want to see my little boy grow up.

Love always
Kimberly Dawn


If you know Kimberly, you know she is the first to offer a helping hand, start a fundraiser for someone in need, or share a smile and a kind word.

It's now our time to give back to the girl who asks for so little.

In January, Kim was given the devastating news that they had found cancer in her body. You can read her story below.

As a small business owner at Kicking Cowgirl Designs, she is an entrepreneur and all round GIRL BOSS, the last thing Kim needs to worry about while trying to heal is the added financial stress.

It is our goal to help lighten the load financially while she takes this time to go through a rigorous treatment plan, and begin the wildest ride of her life.

Please consider donating or of course purchasing a t-shirt in support of our girl.

Or you can choose to donate privately [E-Mail ausgeblendet]

Cancer Picked the Wrong Cowgirl this time!


Cancer Picked The Wrong Cowgirl

Well I’ve added a new bracelet to my wrist… It’s not one I want… Buts it’s one I’ll be wearing. “Are you tough enough to wear Pink”.

Jan 30th at 8:04am sitting in the Tim’s drive through we got the call that we were hoping would be better news.

They have found cancer in me. But I don’t have it. As I’m not claiming this sickness in my body. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

This has been my favourite bible verse as long as I can remember and a dear friend of mine reminded me of it. And I’m going to hold on tight to his promises.

As I’m sure your wondering and wanting more details. They have diagnosed me with “Invasive Ducted Carimonia” in my right (@) I’m also Her2 Triple Negative. (English meaning… I have the fastest growing type of (@) cancer and it’s very aggressive.) I’ve had two wks of meetings with doctors, tests done, blood work done. I’m already exhausted. Lol. But we do have a few praise reports…

1. It’s not in any organs, especially my lungs as I’ve had a bad cough for 6 months.
2. It’s not in my bones!!
3. It’s not in my left (@). Which means… It’s only in my right (@), it has already spread to my Lymph nodes in my arm pit, and the Lymph nodes in my chest cavity.

I said to Cory a few wks ago “My
(@)(@) are real but my smile is fake!” We’ve had one thing after another thrown at us and we keep standing stronger together. This is just another thing that we will beat together and will make us even stronger.

We’ve let a few people know before we made this public. So thank you for all the encouragement, prayers, msgs, calls, drop ins and meals. We honestly can’t thank you all enough for your continued support during this wild time.

Dad Ivany told me this… This will be the wildest horse you’ve even ridden so hold on tight. I will NOT get bucked off!!! I will fight this and I will win. I might be (@)(@) less in a couple of months but I will win. This is just another part of my story. I’ve got two boys at home that need me and I need them!!!

Chemo type I will start is called the “Red Devil” which means… I will be losing my hair in the next day or so. I do 4 rounds of this chemo. Then I start another type of chemo which is for 12 wks. A total of 5 months. Then we move on to surgery where both of them will be removed. See Ya! Then we move on to radiation. Then hopefully I’ll get a clean bill of Heath.

Thank you Em for these pictures and for capturing this great day!!!!

Love always,
Kimberly Dawn
Cory Hanna

#CancerSucks #CancerPickedTheWrongCowgirl #ToughEnoughToWearPink


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