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Hello, friend! Welcome to my GoFundMe page.

Here I am!

My name is Francesca and I am from Italy.

I came to United States at the end of 2019 through a cultural exchange program. At that time, I had very little knowledge of America. I had never been outside of my country before, and I couldn’t speak any other language than Italian. I suddenly decided to leave my home as soon as I spotted the advertisement about this cultural exchange program. In a few weeks, I got my first passport and left for America. I didn't leave my country just because of my desire to discover a new place and learn a new language but because of a profound need to change a life that I didn’t feel like mine anymore, a deep inexplainable call that gave me the courage to jump into the unknown alone.

During my cultural exchange program as an au pair (living in nanny), I experienced so many different things: I learned a new language, made wonderful discoveries, visited a lot of places, met so many awesome people who are now dear friends and life mentors of mine, acquired new knowledge, lived thousands of experiences, but also had so many challenges.
The first few months in the US, without knowing the language, were an adventure but I fortunately learned it quickly and soon I registered for college classes, which were mandatory as an au pair. The program required to acquire at least 6 CFU per year. But I decided to take a whole course of Project Management plus several classes I was interested in. At the end of my two au pair years, I got the privilege to finish all my 10 classes (30 CFU) and obtain my Project Management Certification with highest honor.
Being an au pair is not easy. You live in your work environment 24/7, immersed in a culture that is totally different from yours, far away from your family and friends. At times it was very stressful, but I am glad I had the chance to try such a hard thing so now I am stronger and capable of facing similar challenges.
Because of the pandemic, I got the possibility to extend my au pair experience for a little bit longer than 2 years and I soon started working with my third family. Unfortunately, my last au pair experience wasn’t as nice as I expected it to be since the family turned out to be manipulative and abusive. Because of it, I had to conclude the program.

At the end of the program, you must go back to your home country, however I felt I needed and wanted to stay longer, so I transferred my Visa Status from Cultural Exchange to a temporary Visitor one (the only option that I had).

When I transferred my Visa at the beginning of 2022, I didn’t have a place where to go, I was homeless, I had no transportation and little money to support myself, my clothes and personal items were in trash bags, I didn’t have a phone plan to reach anybody (since usually your phone plan belongs to your host family) and I was completely alone in a temporary hotel in San Diego. That period was scarry, but I didn’t want to give up.

A little later one of my friends in Oceanside offered me a place to stay which I am still super grateful for, but little did I know her husband was again abusive, and I found myself in another bad situation. Since I had nowhere else to go and for a little bit my friend asked me to look after her little kid, I did stay there until they finally moved away from him; it was very heartbreaking living in those circumstances.

After it, my life was still an adventure, all over the places. I never had a place to live on my own until April 2023 because I couldn’t afford it and I couldn’t legally work. I lived where people were taking advantage of me, where I had mice around my bed, in trailers,… always thankful to at least having a roof under my head and friends around me ready to help.
The worst time came when who I believed was my best friend and mentor, stole almost all the money that I had to provide for myself and eventually rent a place. That event broke my heart like never before, especially because, after everything that occurred, I considered her the only safe person I could trust.

I was completely broken at that time, but I still had something to give to the world. I started to attend the Jordan at North Coast Church on regular basis in the summer of 2022. I had so many doubts about God right then. I was raised as catholic and growing up I got to know how religion and churches are corrupted and think always about money and power using "God excuses". However, without knowing how and why, I felt a deep connection to the Jordan community at North Coast Church and I could not stop attending it, and even if I was alone in the beginning, I was still going.
I started volunteering for the church on the Hula House project (a refuge for woman who are trying to recover from addictions) and soon I joined a team of volunteers and started serving the church every week. Still skeptical about God, I kept going until He found me, and I gave my trust and life to Him.

From that moment on, I began to serve North Coast Church in any way till today where I serve officially for the Set-up and Tech Team (and wherever else North Coast needs me) at least four times a week.

I want to describe one of the experiences I had with North Coast that had the most impact on my life here, but I realized there isn't just one. Every time I go there to help, I come home happy and fulfilled. From making coffee, serving or preparing food at events, welcoming outside the venues, setting up events, to working with sounds and lights in the tech team, there isn't a time that I haven't fulfilled my purpose and grown at least a little bit. I can doubtless say that I love North Coast and its community with all my heart. It is an essential part of my life and of my walk with God right now.

When I first left my country, I didn’t know what I was doing, I just knew I had to do it. I mean, I could not even go to the post office by myself and one day I suddenly got up and left everything but a luggage behind. My family was shocked, they didn’t believe I wanted to leave until I showed them my Visa on my passport.
After my au pair program ended, I didn’t know why I had this big desire to stay in the US even with nothing left, I just knew I had to. I kept saying and believing that this country could give me more opportunities than mine (which is absolutely true).
Even when I was one step to being homeless, and my family was begging me to go back home, I didn’t know why but I knew I couldn’t give up. Most of the people and friends I had around couldn’t explain how I was still trying despite everything that was happening in my life.
Looking back, I can see why I remained despite everything. The courage, strength and determination I had were not coming from me; they are living examples of how God does not give up on us and keeps seeking us no matter what. I came here with nothing, God included, and now I have found a family here and I am here because of God. North Coast and the Jordan community healed the relationship I had with Him and rebuilt the trust I once had for Him. I am finally truly happy here.

I do not just need to stay in this country for a better future and life. I need North Coast Church. I need God, and the community that I love with all my heart. And this is the reason I am writing this letter, hoping that you could take into consideration my deepest desire in continuing to serve this community with all my ability and Love until God calls me somewhere else.

For reaching this big goal, I need a student sponsorship (and eventually a work one) to be able to stay lawfully in the US. My dream is to keep volunteering and eventually work at North Coast Church, not just because I love it and it completely changed my life, but because I share its values of love, generosity, inclusivity, and community. I look forward to serve with its team members every time I can. Because of North Coast, my life now makes sense, and I am finally getting to live my life purpose. Because of North Coast Church I found a community that I consider like family.

My main area of focus within North Coast is Tech, so my desire was applying for the Music Technology course at MiraCosta College in Oceanside where I could have the opportunity to expand my knowledge and serve better in that field but since most of the classes are online in that field I had to choose something else.

Since back in Italy I attended some classes in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, it was highly suggested me by my college advisor to keep studying in that field so I could finish what I started back in my country and have good opportunities to be sponsored by US companies that always have a big need of employees in that field. For this reason, the path I will peruse is a Bachelor's Degree in Biomanufacturing which is 4 years long.

Unfortunately, alone I do not have all the necessary resources to be able to afford college since as a foreign student I am not legally allowed to work in United State. That's why I am asking for your help! I am trying to rise some money that could help me to stay in this amazing country full of opportunities and study here while keep serving the community through the church as I am doing right now. The estimated amount for the four years of college which include college fees, college materials, healthcare (mandatory insurance) and basic living expenses (rent, utilities and daily living) is about $ 108,000 (plus GoFundMe fees) but any amount you can donate -even over a period of time (weekly or monthly) - would be a blessing.

For me, it is not just a matter of contentment. Your decision can impact my whole future and life; therefore, I really hope you can deeply consider and share my request for help.

Thank you for your time and if you can for your donation.

With Love,


Please, for any additional information do not hesitate to contact me, just click on the button "contact" in the homepage.

Here some more details about the costs for an international student (F1 Visa):



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  • Nicholas Straub
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Francesca Napolitano
Vista, CA

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