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Hi there! We are Butterfly Space , a non-profit community eco-lodge based in Nkhata Bay, Malawi.


There is a wealth of talented musicians in Malawi. Many of them are without the necessary exposure to technology to realise their potential, and forgo the chance to create something from their talents.


As part of our work with the community, in 2012 a small recording studio was set up for artists in Nkhata Bay to utilise for free. Albeit with a basic set up, it has been a huge success so far and is very popular with the young population in the bay. Mostly, the artists that use the facility have been self-taught, with very little access to extortionate data.


In years gone past, a number of international volunteers with musical backgrounds have passed on their skills and expertise, such as Zingabeat (Italian DJ and Funk Producer).... Danny Savage (Founder of DJ Growth Lab) and DJ Buddha (Liverpool based DJ).


Due to coronavirus, this source of international volunteers has dwindled, but we have been lucky enough to have met a new group of Malawian artists with a passion for passing on their skills and expertise to young people:


  • Chmba Ellen Chilemba, a DJ , education activist and founder of Tiwale in Lilongwe, fighting for gender equality in Malawi.



  • Martin Anjelz , an experienced producer who has worked on tracks with artists such as Phyzix, VJ Ice and BlakJak to name but a few.


With the help of Butterfly Space co-owner DJ Mayonnaise, they have put plans in place for a week's worth of workshops on music production, songwriting, performance and DJing skills to take place at Butterfly and Kandoli FM. The 14 local participants have been selected based on their commitment, age, gender and access to technology and will have the chance to perform at Butterfly Space at the end of the workshops.


Chmba has pledged to support us with equipment for the week including MacBook laptops with Ableton live, midi pad controllers, microphones, audio interfaces and headphones. We also have access to one set of studio monitors to support the workshops.


In order for these workshops to go ahead, we want your support for transporting the workshop leaders to Nkhata Bay (£105). A full breakdown is below.


Anything extra we can raise from this push will go towards transport between Butterfly Space and Kandoli FM (£1.50 per trip), feeding the workshop leaders (£3.50 a day), hiring a generator for performances (£20), equipment for the Butterfly Studio so the participants can continue honing their skills, and future workshops!


We believe this is an important project to support young people in Nkhata Bay to develop lifelong skills, and we count on you to donate and help promote our campaign!




Breakdown of transport costs:

Chmba (Lilongwe):

Lilongwe to Mzuzu MWK13,000

Mzuzu to Nkhata Bay MWK 3,000

Return trip = 2 x 16,000 = MWK 32,000 = £29


Ishan Cyapital (Balaka):

Balaka to Mzuzu MWK18,000

Mzuzu to Nkhata Bay MWK 3,000

Return trip = 2 x 21,000 = MWK 42,000 = £38


Martin Anjelz (Blantyre):

Balaka to Mzuzu MWK18,000

Mzuzu to Nkhata Bay MWK 3,000

Return trip = 2 x 21,000 = MWK 42,000 = £38


Nkhata Bay Transport Total = MWK 116,000 = £105


Taxis From Butterfly Space to Kandoli (return).

MWK 3,000 per trip, 4 trips per day, 6 days = MWK 72,000 = £65



£3.50 per day, 10 days, 3 people = £105

Tawonga Ukongwa!

Butterfly Space


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