Help Darcy and Josie Embody Butch and Femme Joy!

Darcy and Josie’s Trans Healthcare Fundraiser
This is a joint fundraiser for trans healthcare costs. We are doing this fundraiser together to make it less scary and support each other. We’re also sharing the proceeds with other trans people who need help. Anything you can give will make a difference to our lives.

About us

Josie is an autistic femme from the Northern Isles of Scotland. She is a writer and performer, who also works for better trans healthcare. She’s helped run community spaces and workers co-ops, and she makes poetry, theatre and games.
Darcy is a Jewish butch who is deep in  DIY culture, makes a lot of zines, and is proudly Mad. Darcy works at a university, writing and teaching about colonialism and fascism while also trying to burn down the ivory tower.

Together, we made and run Easter Road Press, an insurrectionary transfeminist zine press, from our living room in Leith, Scotland.
Yes, we’re also in love.

Why we’re doing a fundraiser
We need help with transition-related healthcare costs. This money won’t cover it all but it will get us a good way along. We don’t want to give you all the blood and guts: we don’t think support for trans health should depend on revealing all the details. But here are some of the things we need funds for: cutting body parts off, adding body parts on, putting hair on, taking hair off, shaving bones, redistributing body fat, and getting past gatekeepers.

Yes, we're being jokey and political about it because it's difficult sharing intimate details on the internet and asking for money, but in all seriousness this will make an immeasurable difference to us. We need healthcare that will help us embody our femme and butch selves  more wholly and joyfully, and that will help us live our trans lives with less distress. We can't access or afford this without help. We wouldn't be here if there was any other way.

Raising funds for ourselves and others
We thought a lot about whether and how to do this fundraiser, which included thinking hard about what we have and what we don’t. We have some degree of social capital, some housing and job security, thanks in part to whiteness. We do not have enough money to access the healthcare we need, or a government that will provide it.  Neither of us can get what we need through the National Health Service, even if we survived the waitlists: many transfeminine treatments like those Josie needs aren't covered by the NHS, and fat people like Darcy are often refused treatments they need.
Based on all this, we decided that we wanted to raise money for other people’s trans health fundraisers alongside our own, sharing what we have (like access to people who'll donate to a fundraiser) to get us all closer to getting the healthcare we need. We're focussing on fundraisers that are struggling to reach their targets, particularly for trans people of colour and for Mad, disabled and working class trans people. Whatever we raise, we’ll split donations three ways: a third to Josie’s costs, a third to Darcy’s, and a third which we will donate directly to other trans health fundraisers.

Please give us some money.
Whatever you can give, it will help, and we're grateful.

Other things you can do
Share a link to this fundraiser! It really helps get people to look if you give some personal context for a share online, but any share at all is much appreciated. Extra appreciation if you direct rich people to us.
Buy our zines! All sales from of our own zines from Easter Road Press  will be going into our fundraiser pot for the length of the fundraiser. (Zines raising funds for other projects will continue to send funds only to those projects.)
Come to our fundraising events! Or help us organise them. If you follow our Instagram account (@easterroadpress ) we will let you know when this happens.
Donate stuff! If you can offer a donation of something (e.g. something you’ve made or can do) which we can also sell to raise funds, please get in touch.

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