Bust Out A Second Thousand

It's time to think about boats for Ephemerisle! The time to fix boats is now.  The time to improve boats is now.  The time to get boats is now, before boating season starts. Luckily for you, we have owners/suckers willing to step up and use their boats to help you have an Ephemerisle. 

Workboats, interisland ferries, boats for nighttime island-hopping, marina pickup, boats to rescue your island's broken boat-small workboats make Ephemerisle possible. Boats also cost. Boats break. Boat storage costs. Boats use much more gas than cars. They also sometimes sink and cost money to recover. Ask us how we know.

Last year, we ran an informal campaign called Bust Out Another Thousand, and you, dear reader, stepped up and helped the BoatsLOL crew fund some spectacular work boats. You helped Learning Curve rescue countless drifting platforms and projects. You helped Catallac take boatloads of melty human puppies on interisland ferry tours of Ephemerisle. You helped countless people go to and fro and enjoy the event on the move. You helped us teach people boating skills and safety before the event.  You helped us tow other people's boats with our boats, and you did all this from the safety of the Internet.
We have a 2019 crew in need of event workboats, and old workboats in need of that infamous "another thousand". 

Bust Out Another Thousand will support workboats for art projects for the Arts And Entertainment District project to be announced shortly. Please support our boating habit so you don't have to develop this addiction yourself.


-Catallac is an interisland ferry, and it still doesn't have a real motor. We borrowed one last year and that wasn't terribly safe on that small boat. It should be about $500 and some creative searching to find an older 25HP 2-stroke.

-We are being given a nice small ski boat named Furiosa, which will need a maintenance fund. I'd like to set aside $500 for this, she's an untested boat that will no doubt need things.

-I'd like to pick up a 12'-14' aluminum skiff to go along with a motor I have for this purpose. This will be more maneuverable in the cramped conditions/poor docking at Ephemerisle and will still be able to tow, anchor, and  carry a large amount of stuff/materials/people. Potential cost $500-$800 plus setup/repair/trailer lulz

-all these things cost a tremendous amount of gas to operate. Boat motors, even relatively small ones, suffer greatly from basic physics. Workboats can't recover costs at Ephemerisle quite the way that boats that are used for ferry do. Please help. 
  • Brayden McLean 
    • $50 
    • 36 mos
  • Chris Varenhorst 
    • $150 
    • 36 mos
  • Sameer Halai 
    • $100 
    • 36 mos
  • Daniel Burfoot 
    • $50 
    • 36 mos
  • anselm hook 
    • $200 
    • 36 mos
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