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- 2019-06-01: German Update - Burkina Faso bestätigt Teilnahme am African Floorball Cup 2019 (€1300 fehlen noch um alle Kosten zu decken)
- 2019-06-01: English Update - Burkina Faso confirms participation to the African Floorball Cup 2019 (now only €1300  short)
- 2019-05-22: German Update - Kostenlose Trikots und €1000 durch zusätzliche Spenden
- 2019-05-22: English Update - Free Jerseys and additional donations of €1000
- 2019-05-17: German Update
- 2019-05-17: English Update
- 2019-05-12:  First step already made, we reached the 500€ border

Facts & summarized
- We want to send the Burkina Faso females national team to the African Cup to defend their title
- The tournament is in Nairobi in September 2019
- We still need around 2500€ to cover all costs
- We need the money latest in June to organize and book the whole trip
- Already achivied:
   - Organised free housing in Nairobi Kenia
   - Contact with jersey company
   - Floorball equipment
   - 700€ in private donations via crowdfunding
   - 3000€ from other private donations not via crowdfunding
- Who are we?
     - David and Lars: Floorball goalies with passion who likes to spread out the sport
     - Göran: Association contact of the Burkina Faso Floorball Federation. He brought the sport to Burkina Faso

Who are we 

David and I are floorball goalies with passion. We created the homepage between-the-posts.com to share our knowledge about floorball goaltending because it was not formalised so far.

 Unfortunately, not everybody has the possibility to play floorball in the absence of sport facilities or floorball equipment. To give these kids also the possibility to live the passion floorball, we came up with “Goalies with hearts”, a page where we support these kids.

I came across an interview article about the floorball situation in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries on the world and Göran, who has the same passion like us for floorball. He brought the sport to Burkina Faso and supports the country with passion, knowledge and the ambition to organize floorball equipment.

We got in contact in Göran and after a few mails, David and I decided that we want to help him. So far, we already organized floorball equimpment. However, Görans biggest wish is to send the female national team to the Africa Cup 2019 to Kenia in Septemeber. This costs in total 12.000€ which we are not able to pay on our own.

That's why we need you. 

As the Africa Cup is already in September, we need the money until latest August to organise flights, visas, hotels etc.

Here's a short explanation on why it's a good idea to support floorball for girls in Burkina Faso (written by Göran):

1 Gender equality
Burkina Faso, as many African societies is dominated by men. Girls are not expected to succeed in school, make a career, get a good income etc as much as boys. Girls are given less opportunities to succeed their lives. In Ouagadougou, girls spend most of their time in school and in their homes. For the girls themselves and for the society it would be a gain - a win-win situation - if girls were given equal opportunities as boys and could contribute to development as much as boys.

Floorball gives the girls an opportunity to get social training in an organized context and to gain self-confidence. By taking on responsibilities within the association (club) they also get knowledge of how an association is run (democracy, transparency, conflict management, accountability, team management etc). All this contributes to stengthen them for life after school.

2 Citizenship and conflict prevention:
Floorball is conceived as a school sport with important values built into it: Solidarity - Inclusion - Respect - Fairplay. These are fundamental values in the education of children and youth. In Burkina Faso, floorball is strongly associated with these values.
This makes floorball a perfect entry point for education of youth in basic concepts as democracy, gender equality, transparency, religious and ethnic co-habitation etc. This education already takes place in the clubs but the intention is - when the funding is available - to also start youth neighborhood centers in connection to the clubs and in which the players (girls and boys) with help to manage activities and act as role models in their neighborhoods.
Burkina Faso is traditionally the most peaceful society in the Sahel but the country has very recently begun to experience tension between religious and ethnic groups due to provocation by "terrorists" with obscure motives. Floorball could play a positive role in mitigating such tension by engaging youth in activities where the values of floorball are focused and thereby contribute to conflict prevention.

Experience so far: 
We've introduced floorball in poor neighborhoods and public schools. The response from the girls and boys is fantastic. These youth are extremely under-stimulated and very grateful for the opportunity to have fun, compete and grow in floorball. Girls are not allowed to move around as freely as boys, why a close contact between the club leaders and the parents is necessary for allowing girls to take part.
Sport-wise, the national teams had an incredible success in returning in 2018 from the first ever Africa Cup as Champions (girls) and Vice-champions (boys). This success has a symbolic value in attracting more youth to floorball.
Floorball has the potential of becoming a very popular sport in Burkina Faso (and elsewhere in Africa) but since we're short of both material and funding for publicity, floorball is not yet well known in the country. However, when funding becomes available, we'll make a publicity effort combined with providing more material.


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