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Bumping Lake Sasquatch (Documentary)

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Hello and thank to everyone helping me in this project of mine! With my successful release of film last year of October 2021, I’m back at it again for 2022 with plans for another Bigfoot related documentary! Now why use GoFundMe instead of Kickstarter? GoFundMe allows have access to donations as they come in where as with kickstarter, you have to reach your goal before funds can be accessed. 

Where: This time, I have my sights set on Bumping Lake which is located Washington State, nestled close by Mount Rainier.

 From where to where: Florida - California - Washington Transportation: Car (Reason: For hauling camera gear, food, camping supplies)

When: Start of this trip happens on July 1st, 2022 and ends on July 16th, 2022

 Costs: I’m asking for 3k which will cover various necessities for this project…
 Sony 4k: Handy Cam: $949.99 Gas: $2,000 Batteries: $50.00

 I will be matching my asking funding price as well from working as I have in past years.
My matching money will be goin towards Food: $1,000 Emergencies/Car Problems: $1,500 Gas: 500

In The Field: I will be try different techniques in my efforts to get interactions with these creatures such as playing movies and videos in camp on a projector. I will also be using a rave light set up in the woods with music going to hopefully get something’s attention. And I will also line the edges of my camp with fishing attached with bells to alert me if something were to cross the fishing line perimeter. Also, I will be using good old fashion bigfooting techniques such as wood knocks, calls, and call blasting.
 I will also be interviewing researchers and eye witnesses who have had activity or sightings in the area around Bumping Lake. I wanna thank you guys so much for are you help and hopefully we’ll get some action!


Tate Hieronymus
Pompano Beach, FL

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